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Applying for research funding

Applying for research funding

All competitive grant applications, research consultancies and direct or negotiated offers of funding for contract research must be reviewed, approved and certified by Bond University’s Research Services prior to submission. If you are applying to the NHMRC or the ARC you will be required to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI), see below.

For all other funding opportunities please follow these steps:

1. Identify a funding opportunity. Read funder rules, guidelines and instructions and determine your eligibility to apply. 

  • This is also a good opportunity to discuss your intention to apply with your Faculty, seek guidance and ensure that you have Faculty support.
  • Please ensure that you have fully costed your project and that any salary top ups required have been discussed with Faculty. See here for more information on preparing your application.

2. Gain approval to submit your application and alert the Research Office of your intention to apply by creating a record in Pure and sending for internal approval.

  • All research applications must receive university approval. An application will need to be created in Pure anytime you are named on a research funding application. This includes when you are not the lead investigator and the research is being led by another institution in Australia or overseas. It is also the case where funders require an Expression of Interest.
  • Faculty and University approvals are obtained through the Pure system. Please ensure that your application has received Faculty approval in Pure at least two weeks prior to the funder closing date. If you require assistance with Pure, please refer to the Grants Quick Reference guide or contact [email protected].
  • Once approved in Pure, Research Services will confirm the internal due date (generally 2 weeks before the funder deadline) for a final draft of your application and advise of any other scheme specific requirements.

3. Complete your application in accordance with the funder requirements including any content or formatting specifications.

4. Submit a final copy your application to [email protected] by the internal due date.

  • Research Services will check your application against the funding organisation’s guidelines and liaise with you regarding corrections, suggestions and advise of any non-compliance issues, particularly regarding eligibility to apply or submit. We will also finalise university approvals in Pure.
  • The research proposal’s budget will be checked to ensure that the project is recouping allowable direct and indirect costs. These are costs Bond University will incur as a result of conducting the research activity relating to your research project, or for your involvement in conducting research for other organisations.

5. Your application will be submitted to the funder by Research Services

6. Funder outcome notification

  • You will receive notification from the funding organisation on the outcome of your application. If the funder contacts you directly, please ensure you send a copy of the notification advice to [email protected].
  • All research funding offers, agreements/contracts must be forwarded to Research Services for legal and financial review prior to acceptance. If you receive an offer of funding, please contact [email protected]

Further information

  • If you receive notification of a funder outcome please notify Research Services at [email protected]
  • If you have any questions related to ethics approvals please contact [email protected]
  • If you have any questions regarding the above processes please email [email protected]