A law degree is a challenging undertaking at the best of times; imagine trying to tackle this demanding discipline in a country far away from home in a language that is not your own. Non-English speaking students studying law in Australia face an array of challenges that stem from the fact that mastery of words is the centrepiece of legal education. Despite the obvious hurdles, international students from non-English speaking backgrounds continue to come to Australia in droves to embark on the legal education journey. While many return to their country of origin after completing their degree, a significant percentage of graduates pursue professional careers in Australian law firms, businesses and the many other professional career paths suited to a legal education. The Centre of Professional Legal Education is pleased to support an innovative video project called 'The Language of Law'. The aim of the project is to produce a suite of short video interviews with professionals from non-English speaking backgrounds who completed an Australian law degree and went on to achieve success in the professional sphere. It is hoped that the video series will inspire international law students and assist them in navigating the windy roads of legal education.

If you are a non-English speaking background Alumni of Bond Law, please contact [email protected] if you would like to help inspire our first trimester¬†non-English speaking background students.