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Impact of Emergent Technologies Upon the Teaching of Core Law Units | CPLE

National Research Project

The challenge confronting Australian law schools is the fact that many of the legal academics responsible for teaching the core law units lack the time, resources and expertise to identify and evaluate the impact of emergent technologies upon the law curriculum. The objective of this Project is to assist Australian law schools to address this challenge. 

The Project will investigate the impact of emergent technologies upon the teaching of the core law units in the Australian law curriculum. The Project Leadership Team has settled the overall research questions and method, and identified six categories of emergent technologies. Legal scholars from a variety of Australian law schools are now being invited to conduct multiple ‘Micro-Projects’ to identify the impact of each category of emergent technology upon each P11 area of knowledge. The Project’s scholarly outputs will include periodic reports, journal articles, and a monograph. The practical outputs of the first phase of the Project will be reports identifying (1) the impact of particular emergent technologies upon a particular P11 area of knowledge and any consequent changes to the way the P11 area of knowledge should be taught, and (2) the educational resources for law students and law teachers needed to ensure the core law unit appropriately acknowledges and incorporates the impact of the emergent technologies. The second phase of the Project will be the development of these resources. 

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