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Clinical Education Student Essay Competition

The Editors in Chief Dr Francina Cantatore and Associate Professor Linda Crane would like to announce and congratulate the winner of the competition Sarah Kabir. Sarah's essay will appear in Volume 1, 2016 of the Australian Journal of Clinical Education. We welcome submissions from academics, researchers, practitioners and students on all matters relating to clinical education issues in law and health in Australia and globally.

Welcome to Florentina Benga

We are pleased to welcome HDR student Florentina Benga to the Centre for Professional Legal Education

Florentina’s doctoral thesis Enhancing Legal Education through Access to Justice Centres – A Comparative Study between Australia and the United States looks at models to promote social justice teaching and learning approaches focussing on everyday justice matters and the rule of law. This thesis draws upon Florentina’s teaching, research and self-representation experiences as well as practical experiences in the business sector across various international settings. Florentina believes in the value of education and that nations can learn from each other. Florentina holds a Bachelor of Laws, a Diploma in Advanced French (DALF), a Master of International Relations, and a Graduate Certificate in Professional Learning (Higher Education). Florentina has been teaching at the University of the Sunshine Coast since 2010. Her teaching has been primarily focussed on Business Law and Ethics subjects.

Florentina will be supervised by Professor Nick James and Dr Franci Cantatore.