Juvenile offending

C-FIRM is involved in research and development of assessment and treatment protocols for young people with conduct problems, forensic mental health issues, and forensic psychopathology. Our work focus is on young people displaying aggressive and other disruptive behaviours.

Adult offending

C-FIRM has a widespread research interest pertaining to adult offenders; including sexual and violent offending, psychopathy, corporate crime and financial crime, research on risk assessment, treatment development, and community based interventions, and gender differences in offending.    

Deliberate firesetting

C-FIRM incorporates the Australian Centre for Arson Research and Treatment (ACART). ACART has designed and conducted research to inform best practice for the assessment, treatment and management of deliberate firesetters. ACART offers treatment interventions 

Interpersonal relations

C-FIRM focuses on advancing the field of research on interpersonal relationships, including the effects of early attachment, the media, and personal experiences in the development of these interactions.