Vision and Mission

The Sport and Exercise Science group continues the work of the Collaborative Research Network for Advancing Exercise & Sports Science (CRN-AESS) and is a premier research program lead by Bond University.

The CRN-AESS was established with a $5.7 million grant from Department of Education and Training running from 2013 to 2017. It brought together partners from prestigious research and sport science institutions, including the University of Sydney, the University of Queensland and the Australian Institute of Sport.

The total value of the project exceeded $14 million with the aim of producing a world-class program of research in sports, exercise and health science.

The funding increased Bond University’s research capacity and strengthened its research systems by providing an opportunity for Bond University to lead a world-class research project. This attracted the resources and support of larger research-intensive organisations, boosted Early Career Researcher and Higher Degree Research student participation, further leverage senior world-class researcher mentors and a world-class research infrastructure.

The CRN-AESS employed discipline leaders in sports science, bioinformatics and human genetics. A range of mechanisms were implemented to enhance cross-discipline and cross-institutional collaboration to build long-term research capacity and deliver world-class research outcomes.

Bond University has coupled its emerging strength in sports science with established research strengths from its CRN-AESS partners in clinical research, exercise and sport science and injury management and human performance. The CRN-AESS produced research outcomes of national and international significance.

The CRN-AESS funding provided an opportunity for Bond to take the lead in a world-class research project, attracting the resources and support of larger, research-intensive organisations.

The Centre for Health and Human Performance grant provided a ’game changing’ opportunity for Bond to gain world-class research experience, build research capacity, generate high quality publications and apply for competitive funding with world-class co-investigators. Read more

The CRN-AESS Research Capacity Building Seeding Grant Scheme was designed to promote research collaboration within and between CRN-AESS partner organisations, and with non-CRN-AESS partner organisations where specific expertise or collaborative opportunities build the research capacity for Bond University.

An important goal of this initiative was that the research collaboration provides preliminary results for publication and pilot data to support applications for external funding Read more

Sports Sciences is a targeted area of research concentration, which Bond is committed to investing in. Human Movement and Sports Science are core undergraduate subjects and key areas of research importance for Bond. 

The CRN-AESS funding allowed Bond University to significantly boost HDR participation in this area, aligning to a new strategic priority of increasing HDR load with access to world-class researchers (as mentors) and world-class infrastructure.

Membership of the CRN for Advancing Exercise & Sports Science Governance will include:

  • Professor Keitha Dunstan, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), Bond University
  • Professor Peter Brooks, CRN AESS Director, Bond University
  • Professor Linda Crane, Acting Executive Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University
  • Professor Greg Rice, Deputy Associate Dean (Research) Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland
  • Professor Laurent Rivory, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships) University of Sydney
  • Professor Nicholas Brown, Deputy Director, Australian Institute of Sport

Membership of the CRN Scientific Committee will include: