Tactical Research Unit research projects

Inaugural Higher Degree by Research (HDR) candidates

  • Shane Irving - Occupational task and conditioning analysis in operational members of the Australian Police Tactical Groups
  • Mick Stierli - Does a workforce reconditioning program improve the return to duty prospects for injured police officers? 
  • Richard Gorey - Impact of Heat and Workload on Firefighters.
  • Christina McAtee: What are the Physical and Health Predictors of Success for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Police Academy?
  • Michelle Peronne: The Impact of back pack loads on school children.

Doctor of Physiotherapy research projects

  • Grip strength and its relationship to injury and task performance – Richard Morton
  • The impact of load carriage on the leg strength and power in SWAT Police – Daniel Godeassi
  • The importance of leg strength, measured via mid-thigh pull, in police academy training - Anthony Lucente
  • Metabolic fitness as a predicting of injury during police academy training - Danielle Ferguson
  • Musculoskeletal fitness as a predicting of injury and performance during police academy training – Matthew Stewart
  • Comparing Primary and Secondary Weapon Systems performance following Load Carriage - Shek Lun (Harry) Tsang
  • Comparing the fitness levels between general police and SWAT officers – Joseph Terry
  • Profiling the fitness standards of new Colorado State Patrol candidates – Nicholas MacLean and Jeremy Putman

  • The thermal impact of wearing body armour on police officers – Campbell Mcdonald and Rachel Fitt

  • Reported injuries sustained by State Law Enforcement Officers: A retrospective cohort study – Kate Lyons and Cameron Radburn

  • Profiling the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department to optimise conditioning processes – Olivia Saaroni and Kate Baran

  • Detailed analysis of the nature of injuries suffered by full time and part time soldiers – Adam Norman
  • Detailed analysis of the causes of injuries suffered by full time and part time soldiers – Nicole Sandel
  • Detailed analysis of ‘near misses’, ‘dangerous occurrences’ and ‘hazardous exposures’ experienced and reported by full time and part time soldiers – Tim Rigby
  • Profiling a unit specific fitness assessment in an Infantry Unit and its relationship to military skills performance – Erin Caust
  • Impact of structural fires on hydration and performance marker – Adam Walker