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Ethics & Professionalism in Caring

Ethics & Professionalism in Caring overview

Research conducted by the EPIC group is primarily focused on three areas:

  • Organ donation and transplantation, including Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation; 
  • Clinical ethics consultation; and
  • Medical humanities (including bioart)

Additionally, EPIC oversees Medical Humanities Week which includes a curated art exhibit of medical student mixed media creations. A goal of the EPIC research group is to train medical students to become future physician-investigators.

  • Decisions about paediatric hand transplantation: Perspectives of Australian and US hand therapists (Nitin Mukesh, Katrina A. Bramstedt)
  • Developing a living donation app for Facebook (Johns Hopkins University, Facebook Inc, Katrina A. Bramstedt)
  • Ethics consultation registry (Katrina A. Bramstedt)
  • Surgical ethics considerations with 3-D printed implants and prostheses (Allan Stirling, Katrina A. Bramstedt)
  • Trapped in my own labyrinth: Poetry spawned by vertigo [revising with photographic images] (Katrina A. Bramstedt)
  • Exploring the perceptions of Australian and US Medical students and their teachers about clinical professionaattire (LAPEL Study) (Katrina A. Bramstedt, Clinton Colaco, University of Tasmania, Touro University, Baylor University)