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Clinical Placement in Solomon Islands

Overview of the clinical placement in Solomon Islands

Kirakira is a remote provincial town and the capital of Makira Ulawa province in the Solomon Islands. The Placement was developed in partnership with the ministry of Health for the Solomon Islands in 2012. Kirakira was selected as the site for a clinical placement site for final year medical students in 2013. In 2014, having secured a grant from Health Workforce Australia was extended to include Physiotherapy, Dietetic, Project Management and Film and TV students. Health, Sciences and Medicine (HSM) continues to take the lead in what has become a highly successful cross-faculty, university-wide initiative.

The placement has become the focus for student-led charitable work via the Iumi Tugeda charity that raises funds to support the Kirakira community.

Now in its eighth year, the project has been successful in being awarded 2 competitive funding grants to support its ongoing work. This innovative clinical placement is providing a unique opportunity for students to experience a transformative practical experience in a developing world community and to conduct practical fieldwork evaluative research projects. It is planned that it will become a key capstone experience for final medical students in the MD.

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Helping hands in the Solomon Islands