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Test Library borrowing & returns

The Psychology Test Library loans policy is designed to ensure the fair and equitable access to resources for eligible borrowers to support teaching, research, and clinical needs.

Borrowers must read and sign the Test Library Borrowing Agreement which describes borrowing procedures and penalties for late returns. Once borrowing privileges are active, students are able to borrow as many tests as needed to complete the requirements of the subjects in which they are enrolled. The Test Library Borrowing Agreement is scanned and stored electronically within the Test Library Database.

Staff and Student ID Cards must be shown to the Test Librarian when borrowing tests. Loans will not be permitted without Staff or Student Identification cards.

Test Library borrowing procedures

  1. Read, sign and abide by the Psychology Test Library Borrowing Agreement.
  2. Pay deposit to Test Librarian.
  3. The Test Librarian must confirm that the Borrower has the necessary qualifications to borrow the requested tests. A suitably qualified academic staff member must provide written authorisation for the Borrower to loan material in cases in which the Borrower does not have the required qualifications.
  4. The Test Librarian scans the signed Test Library Borrowing Agreement and enters any necessary borrowing approvals into the Borrower’s unique profile within the Test Library database.
  5. Only the Test Library Coordinator, Test Librarians, and Clinic Director are permitted to access and remove test materials from the Test Library.
  6. Prior to loaning materials the Test Librarian must check that all contents are included within the test kit.
  7. Borrowers must borrow all components of the Test. For example, when borrowing the WISC-IV the entire briefcase and all test materials must be borrowed.
  8. Upon return of the test, materials are checked to ensure all components are returned. Borrowers are responsible for the cost of any missing components (see below).
  9. The test materials are scanned as returned within the Test Library database and returned to the correct location within the Bond University Test Library.

Unauthorised removal of materials from the Tests Library is considered academic misconduct and will be subject to University Disciplinary Regulations.

Late returns

In accordance with the University’s Disciplinary Policy, Borrowers who abuse their borrowing privileges may lose some or all of their privileges.  The following penalties apply to late returns: 

  • One to Seven days late – borrowing rights will be suspended for the semester.  
  • More than 1 week overdue – these tests will be deemed to be lost and a replacement cost, equivalent to the cost of the lost item will be levied.  Borrowing rights will be suspended for the semester.  
  • Tests returned with missing components will incur a replacement cost for the components. Full replacement costs of the test will be levied when missing components cannot be replaced.


  • Please be aware that replacement tests cost can be $1,000s.
  • Financial penalties must be settled by 4pm, Friday of Week 14 of the semester in which the test was borrowed. Academic sanctions are applied until financial penalties are settled.

Test replacement fees must be paid by 4pm, Friday of Week 14 of the semester in which the student the test was borrowed. If the replacement fee is not paid by the due date, subject grades will be withheld until the test replacement fee has been received.

Purchasing test protocols and components

Students wishing to administer tests for research purposes must purchase protocols and/or other components (e.g. questionnaires, answer sheets, record forms, profile forms etc.) from the publisher or the supplier. The Test Library does not provide test protocols for research purposes. Many publishers offer a discount to students for research purposes. Students are encouraged to check the publisher’s website for discounts prior to purchasing tests.

Supervisors are able to approve purchases of test required for student research. The student typically completes the publisher's order form and forwards to their supervisor for signature. The tests can be paid for by the student, and the tests are usually sent to the student c/- their Supervisor at the University address.


Copyright restrictions apply to the Test Library collection. Photocopying of any part of a test is not permitted unless the test is sold with a licence to copy. Copying may be permissible with written permission of the publisher or author.