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Sign up for research

Sign up for research using the Sona System

Research is an important part of the Bond University mission and a long-standing component of higher education. Education in research protocols, topics and outcomes is facilitated in part by the experiential learning derived from participating in the research enterprise. The link between teaching and research is also strengthened by involving students in the exercise of research. 

To allow students the opportunity to experience the many dimensions of research participation, and to facilitate research by the University’s community of scholars, the School of Psychology operates a Human Research Participant Pool.

The Participant Pool allows undergraduate students to volunteer for research projects conducted by staff and postgraduate students as a way to earn credit toward their overall mark in a subject. The following subjects offered by the School of Psychology contribute to the participation scheme.  

  • PSYC11-100 Introduction to Psychology: Biology & Personality
  • PSYC11-101 Introduction to Psychology: Learning & Social
  • PSYC11-105 Statistics & Data Analysis I
  • PSYC12-200 Statistics & Data Analysis II
  • PSYC12-315 Developmental Psychology
  • PSYC11-116 Love, Sex & Relationships

Students are eligible to earn 5% of the overall grade in these subjects through research participation. Students are awarded one credit point for each hour of participation, and points are awarded in half hour increments.

Signing up for participation

The School of Psychology uses the Sona Systems Participant Pool Management Software to manage research student sign-ups and assign research credits to participants. The system provides an easy method for students to sign up for studies, and track their progress throughout the semester. Everything is done through the software’s web-based interface so students can access the system at any time, from any computer, with a standard web browser. Access to the site is via the following link:

To access the system click the “Request Account” link on the landing page.

Further details on the research participation scheme are available in the Undergraduate Studies in Psychology Student Guide.