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Psychology research

Academic staff in the School of Psychology have been recruited from diverse national and international backgrounds. They are dedicated to the pursuit of truth, and the creation and dissemination of knowledge. The spread of our research expertise spans the core discipline areas of psychology, including the biological bases of behaviour, social psychology, learning, developmental psychology, personality and individual differences, cognitive psychology, motivation and emotion, measurement and psychopathology, as well as applied areas such as clinical, forensic, and organisational psychology.

Our staff are true scientist-practitioners. To facilitate the imperative that research informs the teaching and practice of psychology, academic staff members teach subjects relevant to their research and professional interests. The spread of research expertise ensures that we are able to provide comprehensive research supervision across our accredited 4th Year and Master's Programs, and in HDR programs such as the PhD (Research). All PhDs are jointly supervised to ensure an appropriate spread of expert input.

Students undertaking PhD studies in Psychology are enrolled through the Faculty of Society & Design. The admission requirements for postgraduate research degrees in the Faculty are set out in the Bond University Handbook.