Dr Ray Moynihan

Dr Ray Moynihan

  • Senior Research Assistant
    Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine
Level 1, 5. Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University

Statement of research interests

I am engaged in a range of research projects, on topics including: overdiagnosis and overtreatment; medicine and the media; and conflicts of interest in healthcare.

I am a chief investigator (CIJ) on an NHMRC funded 2016-2020 Centre for Research Excellence, (CRE) part-run by Bond University, which is investigating overdiagnosis, with a focus on the role of diagnostics. This CRE is in turn part of the wider "Wiser Healthcare" research collaboration, investigating overdiagnosis and related overtreatment, which includes a related NHMRC funded Program Grant.

Within the umbrella of "Wiser Healthcare" I am engaged in a number of projects, including projects investigating how to best communicate about overdiagnosis, and across different conditions including osteoporosis, and thyroid and prostate cancer. Collaborators include many researchers, including Dr Rae Thomas, Professor Paul Glasziou and Professor Jenny Doust at Bond University, as well as Brooke Nickel (PhD candidate), Dr Jolyn Hersch, Professor Alex Barratt, Professor Kirsten McCaffery, and Dr Jasse Jansen, all from University of Sydney.

I am also a co-supervisor of PhD candidate, Brooke Nickel and chief supervisor of an incoming PhD candidate, enrolled within Bond University, Julia Medew, due to commence February 2017. I and other colleagues will be working with Julia Medew on a range of research projects investigating how to optimise media coverage of medicine, with a focus on diagnostics. I am also a co-supervisor on another proposed PhD candidature, currently being set up.
I am also engaged with a number of collaborators at the University of Sydney on a series of research projects investigating conflicts of interest, and pharmaceutical marketing, including Dr Barbara Mintzes, Dr Quinn Grundy, Dr Alice Fabbri and Professor Lisa Bero.

Statement for HDR students

I am a former journalist and author, who completed my PhD in 2015 at Bond University, titled Preventing Overdiagnosis.

My research interests cover overdiagnosis, medicine and the media, and conflicts of interest in healthcare.

I currently work at the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice at Bond University, and also as a Chief Investigator on an NHMRC funded Centre for Research Excellence, which is part of the Wiser Healthcare research collaboration investigating overdiagnosis and overtreatment. I am also engaged in a range of research translation initiatives.

I have a strong interest in supervising HDR students who are highly motivated to conduct quality research within these areas.

Higher degree research student projects

  • Investigating and optimising media coverage of diagnostic medical technology

Areas of research expertise

  • Public Health and Health Services