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Useful Grant application tools

Budget advice

When preparing your application it is important to ensure that appropriate direct and indirect costs are considered for inclusion in the application’s budget. Each funder will have their own rules around what expenses can be claimed.

Salary costs and oncosts

  • Calculate any salary costs including oncosts for personnel who might be employed on the project. The easiest way to do this so that costs, oncosts and indexation are included is to use the salary calculator
  • See below for further information on classifications and rates of pay including salary costs (Research Assistants), salary costs (academics) and salary on-costs.


The overhead policy is based on the total cumulative value for an academic in a given calendar year. Consultancies over $20,000 are subject to 25% overheads, if permitted by the Funder. Overheads are comprised of two components, a Research Services component (15%) and a Faculty Component (10%). For example, if a researcher has a research consultancy project worth $50,000 the overheads would be 25% of 30,000 and distributed so Faculty would receive $3000 and the Research Office $4500.

Travel and accommodation rates

  • When calculating travel and accommodation rates, please use the limits provided by the ATO rates 2020-21

Find your research classification information

You will need this information when creating an application in Pure.

Rates and classifications for Research staff