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Provost welcome

Keitha Dunstan, Provost

Bond University's 5 year Research Strategic Plan (2018-2022) sets out a vision and strategy to position high quality and focused research as a core to University business. The plan sets bold measures of research success for the University and its students that reflect the critical function of the University in society as an institution for learning, discovery, scholarship and invention. It recognises that Bond has quickly developed its research profile and productivity over a relatively short time frame and acknowledges the need for capacity building investments and strategy to facilitate research impact.

Our Research Strategic Plan outlines five key research strategic objectives that will focus our research agenda over the next 5 years:

Research is a core business of Bond University that helps define the University and build esteem. The University’s overall research capacity and productivity is largely determined by the capacity and productivity of the academic and research support workforce. As such, it is critical for Bond to continue to support our researchers and build our workforce to meet future needs.

Our research training program will allow Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students to achieve job-ready skills through diverse and tailored approaches. Bond aims to have HDR graduates job ready and does this through providing support and opportunities throughout a student’s candidature. We have responded to changes in the employment market and focus on developing pathways for graduates into the public and private sectors, as well as academic.

Our employability focus beings early in the first semester of enrolment through the higher degree research support series, and opportunities and activities are available art other times during the candidature.

Bond University provides focused one-on-one support for HDR students through the Career Development Centre.

Through our Research Strategy Bond identified niche centres of research excellence where we have recognised strength and leadership, where we can highly integrate teaching and research, where interdisciplinary contributions can lead to significant advances, and where we can have an impact on the local, national and international community. These centres will emphasise our strengths and benefit from focused investment.

Our centres of research excellence will have world-class researchers to provide administrative and intellectual leadership and foster a culture and space for collaboration and knowledge sharing. We will aim to be the partner-of-choice for other universities, industry, government and the community.

As the second iteration of this Strategy, we need to refine our research centres model, introducing a new tier where emerging research centres can be developed and nurtured.

Bond currently has two University Research Centres that demonstrate our research strengths. Each Centre is supported by outstanding academic leadership and research teams that contribute to world-class research outcomes and impact.

A vital component for research to be world-class is the availability and quality of research infrastructure. To address complex problems, researchers need the right equipment, research tools, administrative systems and human capital. In a quality research environment infrastructure is the backbone to supporting cutting-edge research.

It is critical for Bond over the next five years to ensure we have the right to balance of professional staff and access to infrastructure to support our growing world-class research portfolio.

Research collaboration across disciplines, between university and with the public and private sector is an integral part of effective research. Outstanding research innovation often occurs where disciplines or research groups meet or overlap.

Research collaboration can also provide flow-on benefits to teaching, and contribute positively to the profiles of a University and its staff.

Now is an exciting time to be researching at Bond. Throughout the year, we will have a range of research events on offer.

Please visit our news and events page to stay up-to-date with our research activities and join in the excitement.

Professor Keitha Dunstan