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Bond University Research Committee

Research governance is provided by The Bond University Research Committee. The Bond University Research Committee (BURC) is a Standing Committee of the Academic Senate. The Committee advises Academic Senate about policy and procedures relating to research at the University and on policy regarding higher degrees by research.

The Committee regularly reviews audits and makes recommendations on research strategy for the implementation of the University's Research Strategic Plan. It also makes recommendations regarding the conduct of the University's government reporting obligations including the annual Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) and the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), to ensure it is conducted in a timely and appropriate manner.

The Committee meets a minimum of six times per calendar year.

Bond University Research Committee

 Position on Committee
Professor Keitha DunstanCommittee Chair, Provost
Professor Michael WeirChair of Graduate Research
Mr Andrew CalderDirector of Research Services
Dr Mark BahrChair, BUHREC
Ms Sarah FredlineUniversity Librarian
Professor Brenda MarshallChair, Academic Senate
Professor Nick JamesUniversity Research Centre Director (CPLE)
Professor Rachel FieldUniversity Research Centre Director (CPLE)
Professor Paul GlasziouUniversity Research Centre Director (IEBH)
A/Professor Gulasekaran RajaguruUniversity Research Centre Representative (CDA)
Professor Robert FaffAssociate Dean Research - Bond Business School
A/Professor Damian CoxAssociate Dean Research - Faculty of Society & Design
A/Professor Kevin AshtonAssociate Dean Research - Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine
Professor Jon CroweAssociate Dean Research - Faculty of Law
Nicolo AgliataHigher Degree Research student representative
Ms Sarah SavageSecretary, Executive Officer - (Research)

 Meetings are held in the ORS Boardroom -  Building 1C, Level 4, Room 82

Meeting DatePapers due for submissionAgenda distributedTimes
Thurs 25 Feb 2021Tues 16 Feb 2021Thurs 18 Feb 20219-11am

Thurs 15 Apr 2021 (Includes Research Infrastructure Meeting)

Tues 6 Apr 2021Thurs 8 Apr 20219-12 noon
Thurs 24 June 2021Tues 15 June 2021Thurs 17 June 20219-11am
Thurs 12 Aug 2021 Tues 3 Aug 2021Thurs 5 Aug 20219-11am

Thurs 21 Oct 2021 (Includes Research Infrastructure Meeting)

Tues 12 Oct 2021Thurs 14 Oct 2021

9-12 noon

Thurs 9 Dec 2021Tues 30 Nov 2021Thurs 2 Dec 20219-11am