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$15,000 up for grabs in crypto trading competition

June 2, 2021

Actuarial Science students Angus Jenkins (left) and Brock Hudson have entered the cryptocurrency trading competition. PICTURE: Cavan Flynn 

Students at Bond University are taking part in a $15,000 cryptocurrency trading competition designed to prepare them for jobs in an emerging financial market.

The Bond Business School is running the contest over the next two weeks in partnership with Gold Coast cryptocurrency trade desk TrigonX, with students buying, selling and trading cryptocurrency.

Bond University Associate Professor of Data Analytics Adrian Gepp said the competition was a chance for students to secure internships and careers in the fast-emerging market of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

“Whether you believe in it and whether you like it or not, cryptocurrencies are making a big bang,” Dr Gepp said.

“There are lots of jobs, lots of opportunities, and we are very excited for our students to have this real-time opportunity to be active in cryptocurrency, and not just the share market.

“It is quite surprising. We are seeing students already investing in cryptocurrency, more so than the share market, so we have to engage in the space.

“I believe that it is important to have strong finance and data analysis skills for all jobs in the quantitative area of finance, including cryptocurrencies.”

TrigonX Chief Financial Officer Anna Dupont said student registrations for the competition flooded in minutes after registrations opened.

“As one of the largest trade desks in the Southern Hemisphere, we are constantly adapting and growing our market and need to recruit high level candidates,” Ms Dupont said.

“We are looking for innovators who aren’t afraid to advance into what is really a vast unknown of endless possibilities right now.

“We will be offering three internships on top of the prize pool, and will consider a range of criteria in the selection process rather than just pick the winners.

“If you are going to succeed in the crypto world you have to be particularly forward thinking, and use the parameters and volatility of the market to your advantage.”

The competition runs from June 1-14.