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Digital Media at Bond

Technology and innovation exploration are more important than ever before, and a degree in digital media from Bond could put you at the forefront of the next generation of jobs.

"It’s about mentoring inspiring young minds full of inquisitive thought, entrepreneurship, a love of creativity, design, and technology, and helping them set goals and channel their creative energies to solve real-world problems."

                                                                                                                                     - Associate Professor Dr James Birt

Our economy is experiencing the Fourth industrial revolution, where technology and innovation exploration will be advancing more than ever before. Gain the essential skills needed for the next generation of jobs and thrive in our forthcoming futuristic environment, with a major in Digital Media.

Click here to read about the two Bond University students who built an augmented reality app from scratch in one week and are hoping to see it in classrooms across the country in the future.

Palma Perez - International Student from New York City

Hear Palma's experience as Graphic Design and Social Media Coordinator (Intern) for the Bond Bull Sharks Netball team

"I applied for a placement with the Bond Bull Sharks Netball Team after a social media and graphic designer role opened up as Graphic Design and Social Media Coordinator. My main responsibilities were to create and update graphic templates for professional use on the Bond Netball Team social media (Facebook and Instagram) profiles. Graphic templates included; player profiles to introduce all players and coaches individually (26 players, 4 coaches) for both the Sapphire and Ruby Series, game-day program, flyers and posters to be used and distributed on game days, graphic representation of existing Bond Bull Sharks Netball logo to be placed on team merchandise for sale (tee-shirts/ hoodies) and creating and updating game day countdowns, scoreboards, e-flyers, and announcements to be used on social media.

Many of the skills I have learned throughout my degree were used in this internship. Within the digital media realm, I have gained experience in the many disciplines of digital design and marketing on popular platforms in social media. Gaining experience and practice using industry-standard software like Adobe Creative Suite throughout my degree has fully prepared me for my work with the Bond Bull Sharks Netball team. Developing skills to effectively communicate creative ideas and processes have also been effectively sharpened throughout my degree. 

Excellence, Effort, Execution - the cornerstone of what it means to be a part of the Bond Bull Sharks Netball team. Starting with an idea or design and building it all the way through to a usable state to fully and accurately represent the meaning, drive, and intensity of the netball team means everything to me."

Bond architecture students build winning app

They’ve finished their studies, now three budding architects are using technology to make learning easier for the next generation of students, while also helping architecture firms and their clients.

Donna Simon, Ellin Minogue and Kayla Soler have each just completed their Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Bond University, topping it off by winning the University’s Transformer Launch Pad entrepreneurship competition with their technology solution AR-chitecture.

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Sounds like virtual reality can design better classrooms

Virtual reality can be used to test the acoustics of classrooms that are still on the drawing board, helping students to learn without distractions.

A new study by a team at Bond University used VR headsets to create virtual classrooms, then compared students’ cognitive performance in three scenarios: no ambient noise, typical classroom ambient noise, and ambient noise with acoustic treatments.

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