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Ceremony protocols

Graduation protocols and information

Please ensure you are familiar with the graduation ceremony protocols as they will assist you on Graduation Day. The protocols outline procedures you will need to follow and also provide information for your guests.


Official awards and medals

Bond University encourages graduands to display any of the following awards and medals on their graduation day as part of their academic regalia:

  • Australia Day and National Medals presented by a Minister or Official of a State Government and/or the Australian Commonwealth Government;
  • Premiership medals awarded for playing in a premiership winning side;
  • Olympic and/or Commonwealth Games medals won in competition;
  • Australian University Games medals;
  • National Association Awards;
  • Medals from international discipline competitions (for example: academic and/or creative arts competitions); and
  • National and/or State Community Awards (for example: Rotary, Lions, SLS, RSL, Bravery Awards).

Ceremony protocols

  • Male graduands should remove their mortarboard (trencher) whenever seated. Female graduands should wear their mortarboard throughout the ceremony.
  • When directed by staff, line up at the side of the theatre.
  • When your name is read out, walk onto the stage and then walk to the testamur table to receive your testamur.
  • Continue across the stage to have your photo taken with the presiding officer.
  • Exit the stage by walking up the stairs to the rear of the theatre.
  • Walk along the rear of the theatre, making your way back to the Graduand seating area.
  • At the completion of the ceremony, graduates will join the end of the Academic Procession, to exit the theatre.
  • Graduates should then exit promptly down the stairs and make their way to Don’s Tavern to join family and friends.


Ceremony protocols

  • Theatre doors will open for guests one hour prior to the commencement of the ceremony. All guests must be seated in the theatre 10 minutes PRIOR to the commencement of the ceremony, after which the doors will be closed and guests will not be permitted to enter.
  • Please turn all mobile phones and other devices to silent prior to the start of the ceremony.
  • We ask that all guests stand as the Academic Procession enters the theatre and remain upstanding until requested to be seated.
  • At the completion of the ceremony, guests will be asked to stand and remain standing while the Academic Procession, followed by the graduates, leaves the theatre.