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Start-up Law Clinic Program - This clinic is not running in Semester 212

What is the Start-up Law Clinic?

Coordinator: Ms Siska Lund

The Start-up Law Clinic is a 9-week program that enables law students, during their degrees, to volunteer their time to provide free legal information (but not advice) to start-up founders and entrepreneurs going through the Bond Faculty of Business Transformer Program (Transformer Entrepreneurs).

The Clinic is a collaboration between the Bond University Faculty of Law, the Bond Faculty of Business Transformer Program and legal consulting firm, Flow Legal, and is located at the Faculty of Business.

The Start-up Law Clinic provides legal information to Transformer Entrepreneurs on a wide variety of matters: business structure, intellectual property protection, commercialisation strategies, operational issues, financing and deal-making.

Each semester, law students who volunteer with the Clinic will also be involved in presenting a 30-minute ‘Lunch & Learn’ session for the Transformer Entrepreneurs on a current legal topic relevant to start-up founders and early stage ventures. The Start-up Law Clinic is supervised by a legal practitioner who has experience working with both start-ups and existing entrepreneurial businesses. 

Objectives of the Clinic

  • To educate Transformer Entrepreneurs about the legal issues that they are facing.
  • To offer free legal information to Transformer Entrepreneurs to help them launch and grow their businesses.
  • To provide practical and theoretical training to Bond law students interested in working with entrepreneurial businesses.

For students

How do I get involved?

Have a look at how to apply for more information on the application process.

There are currently 2 Student Consultant volunteer positions offered in the Start-up Law Clinic per semester.

Who can apply?

Applicants must currently be enrolled at Bond University in a law degree program, either an LLB or JD. They must have completed some commercial law subjects. Completion of at least 3 semesters is preferred but not essential.

You should also have:

  • The ability to sustain an ongoing commitment to the Clinic for one semester
  • An aptitude for research and great communication skills
  • Strong business acumen or at least an interest to develop strong business acumen

What does it entail?

Typically, student volunteers will be involved in:

  • Interviewing Transformer Entrepreneurs to understand their needs and issues
  • Researching and presenting information on entrepreneurial legal issues
  • Helping Transformer Entrepreneurs navigate new or rapidly changing areas of the law.

Why volunteer?

  • Gain practical work experience dealing with real issues.
  • Provide information and assistance to Transformer Entrepreneurs under the supervision of an experienced lawyer.
  • Gain insight into start-up law and requirements.