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Council committees & members


The current Council members are as follows:

  • Dr Annabelle Bennett AC SC, Chancellor
  • Professor Tim Brailsford, Vice Chancellor & President
  • Mr David Baxby
  • Mr Derek Cronin
  • Professor Daryl Le Grew AO
  • Ms Marion Charlton
  • Ms Lisa MacCallum
  • Ms Lisa Paul AO PSM
  • Dr Manny Pohl AM, Chairman of the Audit, Risk and Safety Committee
  • Ms Kate Vidgen

Council Purpose

Council is authorised under the Bond University Act (Qld 1987-1989) to oversee the operational performance and to set strategic direction of the University.

Council is accountable to University stakeholders and the broader community to ensure the University is managed prudently, efficiently and in compliance with all relevant regulations. Council leads the University community of students, staff and others to meet and advance the University's goals and objectives.

Each councillor performs their duty in accordance with their obligations under the Corporations Law. Specifically, Council is responsible for the following:

  • Strategic Direction
  • Financial Supervision
  • Risk Management
  • Making Key Appointments
  • Approving financial and other delegations
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Formally meeting with Company members at least twice a year
  • Communicating with University stakeholders: students, staff and the community regarding University performance and major activities

Apart from the Vice Chancellor, all Councillors are non-executive and are elected on the basis of the skills and experience they bring to the Council. Council determines which skills are required to meet its objectives.

A Councillor's term of office is outlined in the Constitution, which provides for the rotation of Councillors.

In accordance with an initiative of the Australian Chancellors Council and Universities Australia, Council has implemented a sound governance statement which fully complies with that statement. Each year, Council reports on its compliance with said statement in its annual report.

Nominations Advisory Committee

The Constitution establishes a Nominations Advisory Committee whose functions are to identify potential candidates for appointment or election to the University Council and candidates for election as Community (i.e. ordinary members of the Company). The Committee makes recommendations to the University Council regarding the suitability of potential candidates.

The Committee is constituted by six members of the Company. Three of the Committee members are appointed by Council and three members are elected, as required, by members of the Company at the Annual General Meeting. The non-Council appointed Committee members are elected from the membership of the Company.

Council skills matrix

Each year Council reviews a skills and experience matrix, ensuring there is the necessary breadth of experience in order for Council to execute its obligations efficiently, with relevant expertise readily available. Council periodically determines which skills are required, measuring those skills against the skills matrix.

The collective skill sets currently considered desirable for Council are:

  • Education
  • Accounting
  • Communications/Technology
  • Corporate
  • Finance
  • General Business or Commercial
  • Governance
  • Health and Community Service
  • Legal
  • Overseas Experience
  • Property

The Nominations Advisory Committee applies the skills matrix when considering candidates for Council and in recommending suitable people to be elected as Councillors by the members.

Membership of the company

Ordinary members of the Company are elected by the relevant stakeholder group. The constitution provides for the rotation of members in each group.

Student members serve a one-year term. However, they may serve two consecutive terms.

The current membership of Bond University Limited is as follows:

Council ordinary members

Appointed by the University Council

  • Dr Annabelle Bennett AC SC (ex-officio)
  • Ms Marion Charlton

Staff ordinary members

Elected by members of staff

  • Associate Professor Francina Cantatore
  • Associate Professor Adrian Gepp
  • Associate Professor Justin Keogh
  • Mr Jason Murray
  • Mr Makarand Parulkar
  • Ms Rosemarie Rusch

12 Alumni ordinary members

Elected by University Alumni

  • Ms Helena Franco
  • Mr Nathan Goetz
  • Ms Chloe Kent
  • Mr John Massey
  • Mr Matthew McLean
  • Ms Annabelle Simon
  • Ms Danieka Strathdee
  • Ms Amy Marie Stroud
  • Ms Daniella Stutt
  • Ms Tanille Turner
  • Ms Jade Weller
  • Mr Daniel Wood

1 Postgraduate student ordinary member

Elected by postgraduate students of the University

  • Mr Rikk Millhouse

1 Undergraduate student ordinary member

Elected by undergraduate students of the University

  • Mr Garrett Fitzgerald

8 Community ordinary members

Elected by the members of the Company at the Annual General Meeting

  • Mr Andrew Baildon
  • Mr Trevor Dietz
  • Mrs Peta Fielding
  • Mr Heath Hill
  • Mr Tom Ray
  • Mr Patrick Wallas
  • Ms Julie Warwick
  • Mr Kerry Watson

Trustee members

The Council is empowered to appoint trustee members whom, whilst not part of the voting membership of the Company, meet with the Chancellor annually to discuss the direction of the University and related issues.