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Psychology Clinic confidentiality

With limited exceptions, information discussed with and recorded by Provisionally-registered psychologist is confidential within the Clinic. You will be asked to provide written consent if information is to be provided to third parties outside the Clinic. Exceptions to this strict maintenance of confidentiality include disclosure of information to relevant persons or authorities if there is: potential of serious physical danger to you or someone else, risk of child abuse, an enquiry from your legal parent or guardian if you are under 16 years of age, or information legitimately subpoenaed by a court or otherwise authorised for release by law (as it is important to note that psychological records have no special legal privilege).

You do not have to provide to the Clinic all the personal information which is requested, but if you do not it may mean that the Clinic may not be able to provide psychological services to you.

Your rights

In accordance with the APS Charter for Clients of Psychologists, as a client you have the right to expect: treatment with respect; a clear explanation of the service you receive; consent prior to a service commencing and as it progresses; an explanation about the limits of confidentiality; competent and professional service; clear statements about fees; clarity regarding the outcomes towards which you and the psychologist are working; an estimate regarding the number of sessions required; service free from sexual harassment; and respect for your cultural background and language tradition.

If you have any concerns or if difficulties arise in any service you receive, it is your responsibility to first discuss them with the Psychologist Intern. If, for some reason, your concerns are not resolved to your satisfaction, contact the Clinic Director to address any matters that remain. You may also lodge a complaint with: the Health Quality and Complaints Commission [GPO Box 3089, Brisbane, Queensland 4001] on 1800 077 308, or the Psychologists Board of Australia [GPO Box 9958, IN YOUR CAPITAL CITY] on 1300 419 495, or the Australian Psychological Society [PO Box 38, Flinders Lane Post Office, Melbourne, Victoria 8009] on 1 800 333 497.