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Coronavirus information for research

HDR candidates FAQs

These FAQs provide up-to-date advice for Bond University HDR students regarding our precautionary response to the current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and are therefore subject to change. These FAQs will be updated as new information becomes available.

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Health and wellness

Specific provision for HDR students will be made to allow room for physical distancing. Where current HDR facilities are unable to provide this, students will be required to move to alternative provided spaces. Where there is preference for remaining in the existing space, priority will be given to students who have essential software on their allocated PCs.

We understand this is a very difficult time and you may be worried about your own health, or the health of your loved ones.  We also understand the constantly changing nature of this situation may be stressful.  The university has counselling and medical services on campus and you should contact these services for assistance.

We strongly encourage you to work from home, but when on campus you are required to follow physical distancing guidelines around your colleagues, supervisors and others. You are required to: 

  • Keep a reasonable distance away from others during meetings (1.5  metres  is required). 
  • Limit the length of in-person meetings to 2 hours at the most, where participants can be appropriately separated, and no more than 15 minutes where space is more confined. 

Consider meeting outside or using video or teleconferencing for meetings.

Why social distancing is important.


New HDR students

If you are a commencing international graduate research student with an approved visa, Bond will give you the option to enrol offshore and commence your studies from home, as long as your supervisor agrees and you are able to comply with our guidelines for off-campus study.

You can also choose to defer your offer to September 2020.



Bond is committed to delivering two further semesters this calendar year.  However, it is clear that the way we deliver second semester, and possibly third semester, will be different from our normal mode.  

For international students, availability of visas for entry into Australia may delay commencement of studies.

If you are enrolled in a faculty with coursework requirements and are prevented from coming to campus for your classes, your ADR will work with you and your supervisors to adjust your study plan. This could involve undertaking subjects at a later date.

Yes, although it will be online. In some circumstances, confirmations may be postponed if COVID-19-related issues have impacted on your capacity to finalise your confirmation.

If you are a continuing graduate research student, you may:

  • Activate your 20 days of annual leave, or
  • Study from home, keep in contact with your supervisors and access the Bond online research and library resources.
  • If you have expended your annual leave and/or cannot work from home, we will offer appropriate solutions on a case-by-case basis (e.g. leave of absence, University-activated extensions to work submission dates).

Request an extension of your candidature, outlining how COVID-19 has impacted upon your progress as well as any other relevant issues. The faculty and the HDRU will consider your application and make a decision based on the evidence provided.

Currently, as examination is primarily involving paper documentation, this should not impact on the progress of examination from the University's perspective. However, the broader impact of COVID-19 may impact on the availability of examiners and time to complete examinations.

Yes. There may be difficulty or a delay in receiving your degree at a graduation, owing to COVID-19, but you are still likely to be given your degree in a timely matter, or in the case of a PhD you will be permitted to apply for the title of Doctor.

The June Graduation ceremonies will not proceed.  Options are being explored for a virtual ceremony.

The University will hold a series of special ceremonies for all students that wish to attend a physical graduation once the circumstances of the global pandemic allow.

If an international PhD student requires an LOA due to COVID-19 restrictions, this must be approved by the Executive Dean or delegate.

Once the university reports the student as being on LOA due to "compassionate and compelling circumstances" the student may be able to remain in Australia for the duration of that LOA.

International students should seek advice about visa conditions from the International Students Team Coordinator in the Student Business Centre before commencing a leave of absence during candidature.


HDR services

Keep an eye on the Library’s COVID-19 FAQ for up to date information.

  • Opening Hours – check the current opening hours for the Main Library, MLC and Law Library.  A valid Student ID Card is required for access.
  • Electronic resources – databases and online books are available as usual
  • Library Search – online resources available as usual, with new option to limit search to ‘available online’ resources
  • Chat with a Librarian - look for the "Need Help" button on every web page
  • Library Research Guides – topic and subject specific resources, curated by the Faculty Librarians


Your faculty will assist you with these issues where possible, including ways to have social distancing in place, or to change your research methods. If it is not possible to get around these issues you could consider applying for leave of absence, for a period.