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Bondies deliver winning solutions

August 6, 2020

L-R: CHAJ Consulting members Joshua Waite, Conrad Davies, Aryelle Sargent (on iPad), and Hannah Nagel

A team of Bond University students has come out tops in a cross-university virtual consulting competition held during the depths of COVID-19.

The event was set up by and run between the Bond University and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) branches of 180 Degrees Consulting in early July.

Thirty-five teams from across Bond and QUT competed online, working on a case study sourced from Nice Coffee Co, founded by Bond University student Jim Chapman and QUT’s Sandy Hickson.

The case study competition was won by CHAJ Consulting, made up of Bond University students Joshua Waite, Aryelle Sargent, Conrad Davies, and Hannah Nagel.

The runners-up were also Bond students, Jonathan Sahhar and Campbell Windsor.

Mr Davies, currently completing an MBA at Bond, said his team was thrilled with the result.

“The experience to only have one week to think about a client’s problem and help find solutions can be quite stressful.

"But I’m thankful our team was able to come together and provide solutions our client could implement straight away, with minimal financial impact.”

Noah Yeo, President of 180 Degrees Consulting’s Bond University branch, said the competition highlighted not only the depth of talent across both universities but the willingness of those involved to make a difference in the community.

Shaina Singh, Co-Founder and President of 180 Degrees Consulting’s QUT branch, hoped the competition would become an annual event.

“For us, this was a bit of a trial run, we’re looking to make this an annual competition and make it much bigger next year.

"There’s also a bit of talk about potentially doing an Australia-wide competition with all of the 180 Degrees Consulting branches. If that does end up happening, it’s definitely something we’ll participate in."