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Bondy produces sanitation solutions

June 24, 2020

Bond alumnus Aaron Miller has launched Olin Supplies to provide organisations with an all-in-one sanitation package

A former Bond University student hopes to clean up with a new business providing sanitation solutions for a post pandemic world.

Aaron Miller has launched Olin Supplies, providing organisations with a range of products including sanitiser dispenser stands, antibacterial wet wipes, hand soap and bench sprays, to provide an all-in-one package.

"We're basically offering turnkey solutions to businesses that are reopening, or are already open, to conform with the Worksafe Australia hygiene best practices," Mr Miller said.

Mr Miller said Olin Supplies was working throughout southeast Queensland, including the Gold Coast, and had already secured contracts with property organisation GPT Group, Auswide Bank, and was also working with schools.

"Any service area where someone is walking into a shop, an office, for points of contact, the hygiene best practices from the Australian government say you need to have sanitation.

 "And it's duty of care, it's not just about the client, it's also about the staff working in these areas."

Mr Miller spent more than 10 years running his family's property development business, before a "quiet patch" allowed him to return to university in 2013.

He completed his MBA at Bond in 2015, and said the skills he learnt helped him with the challenges of setting up Olin Supplies during a time of global crisis.

"What it actually did for me was confirm what I'd learned on the job over the years was correct, and it added to my skill set on top of that, it gave me a lot of confidence that what I was doing was on the right path.

"The networking I got out of it was fantastic, that was a big part of it as well."

Mr Miller is already looking to the future beyond COVID-19.

He anticipates Olin Supplies eventually transitioning into a broad-based supplies company, "anything from golf balls to chemicals".

"When we reach the life cycle of this, I'm thinking let's have a look at other sectors and see where we can crack the market."