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New Muslim Students' Room opens on campus

February 3, 2020

Written by Bond University journalism student, Maya Johnson

Bond University has opened a new Muslim Students' Room on campus as part of its commitment to embracing all faiths and nations.

The room replaces a smaller one and features swipe card access and Wudu units for the ritual purification of worshippers.

The university’s Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Tim Brailsford, joined members of the Bond University Muslim Students' Association at the event on Monday, February 3.

“When the university opened 30 years ago it was determined to be one that embraced international community, embraced globalisation and respected all nations and all people,” Professor Brailsford said.

“As part of our 30-year anniversary we have been looking to build legacy projects and legacy infrastructure that will serve our students, not just currently but future generations of students as well.”

President of the Muslim Students' Association, third-year Medicine student Mahmed Saqib Zakirhusen Akhunji, gave the place of worship his seal of approval.

“Everyone is very happy about the prayer room,” he said.

The new Muslim Students' Room is located between Building 6 and Building 7 on the main Bond University Campus