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Bondy sells company to Vald Performance for six-figure sum

December 18, 2019

Uptek founder Joseph Marcus with Vald Performance Product Strategy Manager Scott Munro

Bond University graduate Joseph Marcus is riding high after selling his fitness device company for a six-figure sum to one of the leading sports technology firms operating in Australia.

Mr Marcus invented blood flow restriction training device AirBands while completing his thesis research at Bond University in 2014.

AirBands work by using pressure to restrict blood flow to the heart, while ensuring sufficient arterial blood reaches the limbs.

The restricted flow of blood returning to the heart leads to blood pooling in the limbs, setting off a chain reaction of events in the body, leading to an increase in growth hormone and testosterone, and a decrease in mycostatin, a protein that restricts muscle growth.

The pressure of the bands can be controlled via your mobile phone.

Mr Marcus claims the end result is faster muscle growth and increased strength from a less intense workout. He said the technology has a long history of being used in medicine but not for exercise.

Mr Marcus’ company Uptek and its AirBands product has now been sold to Vald Performance – one of the largest sports technology firms in Australia.

Mr Marcus said he came to the attention of Vald after he spoke at a sports analytics conference in Melbourne. He said the decision to pair up with Vald made sense.

“It just seemed liked a no-brainer really, to partner up with someone who’s been there and done that,” he said.

“They just take the pressure off myself and allow me to just do what I’m good at, blood flow restriction training.”

Mr Marcus will join Vald to work in the company’s product strategy team to lead the commercialisation of the AirBands product. His device has already been used by players at the Gold Coast Suns and Gold Coast Titans.