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Bond staff and students recreate historic moment to celebrate 30 Year Anniversary

May 16, 2019
Photos taken in 1991, 2014 (25th Anniversary) and 2019 (30th Anniversary)

L_R Photos taken in 1991, 2014 (25th Anniversary) and 2019 (30th Anniversary)

The belltower played Yellow Submarine as students, staff and alumni took a deep dive into Bond University’s past to recreate an historic photo. The picture, shot from the iconic Arch on the university’s Foundation Day - May 15 - was reminiscent of one taken in 1991, the year Bond’s first cohort of students graduated, and in 2014 to celebrate Bond's 25th Anniversary.

The crowd was marshalled by Future Student Advisor Sean Johnson, who exhorted participants in the quadrangle.

“It is one of the coolest things in the world to me to help organise this photo,” Mr Johnson said.

“To see 30 years of students, staff and alumni coming together is hard to put into words.

“I am very passionate about the campus. There is a feeling you get when you are part of the staff, a student or an alumni.

“There is a family feel here and you feel something bigger than yourself.”

Masters student Albert Ha was among those posing up for the photo, one of several events during the university’s 30th anniversary celebrations this week.

“It's a little more active on campus this week, that’s for certain,” said Mr Ha, who has finished a biomedical science degree and is now embarking on a Master of Dietetics and Nutrition.

“(The scene) looks good from down here but I kind of wish I was up there (on the Arch) to see it too.”

The University’s alumni awards take place on Thursday 16 May, followed by the Family and Friends Festival on Friday 17 May and the 30th Anniversary Gala Ball on the evening of Saturday 18 May.

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