Research Centre wins award hat-trick

Bond University’s Centre for Comparative Construction Research (CCCR) has won a trifecta of industry awards, taking out the Research category in the Queensland, Australian and Asia-Pacific Project Management Awards.

The awards relate to the Centre’s advanced research on measuring project delivery success, utilising a 3D Integration Model.

“Measuring the success of project delivery is critical in terms of evaluating project management performance and supporting continuous improvement,” said CCCR Director, Professor Craig Langston.

“The 3D Integration Model developed by the CCCR compares the planned project outcomes with the actual outcomes by looking at six key performance indicators: Value, efficiency, speed, innovation, complication and impact.

“It can be used to assess a wide range of projects in a variety of construction applications, as well as summarising their contribution to wider economic, social and environmental objectives.”

Further work is now underway to utilise the model’s six key performance indicators to measure organisational maturity.

“It is widely understood that organisations are more likely to deliver successful projects if they have systems in place that reflect a mature project environment based on a culture of continuous improvement,” said Professor Langston.

Following its state, national and regional awards, the CCCR will represent Australia at the International Project Management Association’s 2017 Conference, providing a global platform to showcase Bond University’s leadership in the area of project management research.