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GDLP75-202: Transition to Practice


This is a compulsory subject in the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (ONLINE and On-campus) which provides students with the knowledge and skills required to make a successful transition from their legal studies to legal professional practice. In this subject, students will critically reflect upon aspects of legal practice related to their participation during placement. 

Students will have the opportunity to reflect upon and critically evaluate those aspects of legal practice which they have observed and/or participated in during their period(s) of placement.

Subject details

FacultyFaculty of Law
Semesters offered
  • September 2021 [Non-Standard Offering - August]
  • September 2021 [Non-Standard Offering - September]
  • September 2021 [Non-Standard Offering - October]
  • September 2021 [Non-Standard Offering - November]
  • September 2021 [Non-Standard Offering - December]
  • January 2022 [Non-Standard Offering - January]
  • January 2022 [Non-Standard Offering - February]
  • January 2022 [Non-Standard Offering - March]
  • January 2022 [Non-Standard Offering - April]
  • January 2022 [Non-Standard Offering - May]
  • May 2022 [Non-Standard Offering]
  • September 2022 [Non-Standard Offering - August]
  • January 2023 [Non-Standard Offering]
  • May 2023 [Non-Standard Offering - September]
  • September 2023 [Non-Standard Offering]
Study areas
  • Law
Subject fees
  • Commencing in 2021: $1,407
  • Commencing in 2022: $1,407

Learning outcomes

1. Apply elements of the students’ programmed training in the context of legal practice. 2. Critically reflect upon significant experiences obtained in the workplace and consider how those experiences will influence the student’s future actions. 3. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of personal resilience and wellbeing.

Enrolment requirements

Requisites: ?

Pre-requisites: ?

There are no pre-requisites.

Co-requisites: ?

Assumed knowledge:

Assumed knowledge is the minimum level of knowledge of a subject area that students are assumed to have acquired through previous study. It is the responsibility of students to ensure they meet the assumed knowledge expectations of the subject. Students who do not possess this prior knowledge are strongly recommended against enrolling and do so at their own risk. No concessions will be made for students’ lack of prior knowledge.

Assumed Prior Learning (or equivalent):

Restrictions: ?
  • Study Abroad Students

This subject is not available as a general elective. To be eligible for enrolment, the subject must be specified in the students’ program structure.

Subject outlines

Subject dates

Non-Standard Offering - DecemberNon-Standard Offering - JanuaryNon-Standard Offering - FebruaryNon-Standard Offering - MarchNon-Standard Offering - April
Enrolment opens15/11/202015/11/202015/11/202015/11/202015/11/2020
Semester start18/01/202118/01/202118/01/202118/01/202118/01/2021
Subject start30/11/202004/01/202101/02/202101/03/202105/04/2021
Cancellation 1?17/12/202020/01/202117/02/202117/03/202121/04/2021
Cancellation 2?22/12/202024/01/202121/02/202121/03/202125/04/2021
Last enrolment15/12/202018/01/202115/02/202115/03/202119/04/2021
Withdraw – Financial?03/01/202105/02/202105/03/202102/04/202107/05/2021
Withdraw – Academic?24/01/202125/02/202125/03/202122/04/202127/05/2021
Teaching census?02/01/202104/02/202104/03/202101/04/202106/05/2021
Non-Standard Offering - AprilNon-Standard Offering - MayNon-Standard Offering - JuneNon-Standard Offering - JulyNon-Standard Offering - August
Enrolment opens21/03/202121/03/202121/03/202121/03/202121/03/2021
Semester start17/05/202117/05/202117/05/202117/05/202117/05/2021
Subject start05/04/202103/05/202131/05/202105/07/202102/08/2021
Cancellation 1?21/04/202119/05/202116/06/202121/07/202118/08/2021
Cancellation 2?25/04/202123/05/202120/06/202125/07/202122/08/2021
Last enrolment30/04/202128/05/202125/06/202130/07/202127/08/2021
Withdraw – Financial?07/05/202104/06/202102/07/202106/08/202103/09/2021
Withdraw – Academic?27/05/202124/06/202122/07/202126/08/202123/09/2021
Teaching census?06/05/202103/06/202101/07/202105/08/202102/09/2021
Non-Standard Offering - AugustNon-Standard Offering - SeptemberNon-Standard Offering - OctoberNon-Standard Offering - NovemberNon-Standard Offering - December
Enrolment opens18/07/202118/07/202118/07/202118/07/202118/07/2021
Semester start13/09/202113/09/202113/09/202113/09/202113/09/2021
Subject start02/08/202130/08/202104/10/202101/11/202129/11/2021
Cancellation 1?18/08/202115/09/202120/10/202117/11/202115/12/2021
Cancellation 2?22/08/202119/09/202124/10/202121/11/202119/12/2021
Last enrolment27/08/202124/09/202129/10/202126/11/202124/12/2021
Withdraw – Financial?03/09/202101/10/202105/11/202103/12/202131/12/2021
Withdraw – Academic?23/09/202121/10/202125/11/202123/12/202120/01/2022
Teaching census?02/09/202130/09/202104/11/202102/12/202130/12/2021