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What is LabArchives?

LabArchives is a compliant cloud based research notebook that allows you to overcome current data management issues associated with the traditional paper laboratory notebook.

Why use LabArchives?

This industry compliant electronic lab notebook will provide a host of benefits for you and your research at Bond University, including:

  • Fast and easy to search functionality
  • The ability to save any type of data
  • Provides complete IP protection
  • Saves all copies of all data – that can NEVER be deleted
  • Keep track of versions and updates to your data
  • Web-based for worldwide access and collaboration
  • Available on a 24 hour basis
  • Free mobile versions included for tablets and phones (iOS & Android)
  • Data security with multiple redundancies
  • Selectively share data within Bond University or with collaboration across the globe
  • Provides linkage to datasets via DOI
  • Local Australia data storage only
  • Unlimited Institutional Data Storage

When can I start using LabArchives?

LabArchives software is available free of charge for Bond University staff and students.

Launch LabArchives

Can LabArchives also be used on my mobile or tablet?

LabArchives provides a free mobile and tablet app that can allow you to easily access your lab notebook on the go and upload data:

If you are experiencing problems with the Android app, please contact a research data officer.

Is there any training or support available?

Bond University has a range of support options available to assist, including: