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Staff and HDR students can request Research Data Storage using this link:


* New HDR students will be allocated Research Data Storage at the time of enrolment.

Yes – your Research Data storage is scalable and can hold all your research data, including videos, audio files and data files.

Only you can access your research data. You may grant access to others. This is controlled at a document or folder specific level. You need to take care when sharing files and folders and consider the read/write permissions of the share.

If you are an HDR student, you should discuss and agree with your supervisor which files/folders they may want access to.

Yes – you are required to keep these records as a part of your Ethical approval, and it is appropriate to save these in your Research Data storage.

It is best to begin using your Research Data storage immediately, and from the beginning of your project.

Yes – it is advisable to keep your research data discrete for each project. Please request an additional Research Data store from the Research Data Officer.

It is important to be clear with your collaborator who is the creator and custodian of research data. This needs to be discussed and agreed with the Chief Investigator and the project team members. The custodian may share files and folders with others in the group, but takes responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of the data.

You should always be clear regarding the ownership of your data. This can be a complex matter. In the first instance, seek advice from the Chief Investigator, your Supervisor, or Research Services.

When you leave Bond University, if you are the owner of your data, you are able to retain a copy of your Research Data.

If you need to request a copy of your Research Data after you have left Bond University, please contact the Research Data Officer.

This depends on who owns the data. If as an HDR Student you own the data, then Bond University cannot continue to use the data unless the student grants the University a licence to do so. You should discuss this with your Supervisor in advance of completing your degree and seek advice from the Research Data Officer.

You should only store Research Data in the approved Research Data store. At the end of your project, your data will be archived for long term storage, and your working files deleted.

Research Data storage is accessed using your Bond University email address and password. You should not apply further password protection to files and folders saved within the Research Data Storage. This eliminates the issue of forgotten passwords in the future.

Always be mindful to use file types that are likely to be supported in the future. If you are collecting data using another tool, such as Qualtrics, LabArchives or specific laboratory equipment, you should ensure that the output of these tools is routinely saved to your Research Data Storage.

No. As a Bond staff member or student, you should use the provided Research Data Storage which is secure, complaint and aligns with best practice for Research Data.

The Research Data Advisers, your supervisor, and the Research Data Officer are able to provide help and support.