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The Exercise and Sports Science group continues the work of the Collaborative Research Network for Advancing Exercise & Sports Science (CRN-AESS). Bond University has integrated its emerging research strength in exercise and sports science with collaborative partners in nutrition, clinical health, and injury management to produce research outcomes of national and international significance. Our researchers are discipline leaders in exercise and sports science, human performance, bioinformatics and human genetics.

Research areas include athlete performance, exercise physiology, sports nutrition, biomechanics, genomics, biochemistry, molecular biology, metabolism, sport psychology, motor control and learning, strength and conditioning, and sport for health across the lifespan.

  • Alexander (Alex) Natera (PhD): An investigation of the concept of repeat power ability: its assessment, development and its relationship to performance.
  • Amy McGaw (Masters by Research): Athletic haemolysis in contact sports and its implications for recovery and association with iron status in male and female athletes
  • Annabelle Keene (Masters by Research): Effect of sport participation and performance on health outcomes in the masters athlete.
  • Glauber Scattolini Correa (PhD): Effects of intermittent hypoxic exposure on haemoglobin mass, serum EPO and endurance performance.
  • Joshua Stein (PhD): Mechanisms mediating goal kicking accuracy in Australian football: Exploring the influence of attentional focus and athletic movement competence.
  • Joshua Whitty (PhD): Biological maturation and the athletic development of elite youth Australian footballers
  • Liam Bromilow (PhD): Talk the talk, walk the walk? A mixed-methods exploration of coaches performance preparation in rugby league
  • Luke Badham (PhD): Fluid balance and Team Sport Performance
  • Mark Brown (PhD): Participant preparation and sports injuries in older athletes
  • Rani West (PhD): Athlete characteristics relating to the performance of underwater dolphin kick in swimming
  • Robert Palmer (PhD): Investigating current trends and influencers and determining the optimal triathlon run pacing strategy in elite triathletes.
  • Ryan McCure (Masters by Research): Using the Cutting Movement Assessment Score to Assess Risk of ACL Injuries in Female Athletes
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  • James Keane (PhD completion in 2013): The effects of exogenous human growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 administration on mitochondrial function.
  • Kevin Serre (PhD completion in 2013): Responses in Vascular function to varied exercise dose in diabetic and non-diabetic women aged 65-74 years.
  • Michael Kakanis (PhD completion in 2015): The immune system response to prolonged bouts of heavy-intensity exercise.
  • Siri Lauluten Szlezak (PhD completion in 2016): Measuring gene expression in endurance athletes as a novel technique for determining training response to sprint interval training (SIT)
  • Sean Yoshiura (PhD completion in 2016): Acute immune response of elite rugby union players to Super 15 Match-play.
  • Rhiannon Fisher (PhD completion in 2016): The effect of exogenous estrogen and progesterone administration on exercise tolerance in active women.
  • Elisa Canetti (PhD completion in 2017): Haematological and biochemical markers of immune function and iron status in elite athletes during different training periods.
  • Aaron Wellman (PhD completion in 2018): Quantification of the Physical Demands and Perceived Wellness Associated with Practice and Competition in NCAA Division 1 College Football Players.
  • Samantha Fien (PhD completion in 2018): Gait performance in residential aged care adults and the benefits of exercise.
  • Damon Arezzolo (PhD completion in 2018): Physiological Determinants of Anaerobic Capacity.
  • Josephine Grigg (PhD completion in 2019): Biomechanics of the BMX gate start: implications for cycling technique and strength and conditioning.
  • Mariia Kozlovskaia (PhD completion in 2019): Training related risk factors and genetic polymorphisms associated with overuse injuries in recreational runners.
  • Sam Coad (PhD completion in 2019): Immunoendocrine, physiological and biochemical responses of elite contact sports athletes to training and competition.
  • Shiqi Thng (PhD completion in 2021): Relationships of changes in strength-power characteristics with start and turn performance in swimming.
  • Benjamin Hindle (PhD completion in 2021): Biomechanical analyses of strongman exercises using inertial motion capture methods.
  • Brianna Salagaras (PhD completion in 2021): Dietary intake and energy expenditure in team sport athlete.
  • Dean Ritchie (PhD completion in 2021): Optimising resistance training performance in the presence of concurrent training; the role of resistance training periodisation and organisation.
  • Fergus O'Connor (PhD completion in 2021): Thermal stress during preparation for team sport performance.
  • Nicholas Harvey (PhD completion in 2021): Identifying the Genomic Predictors of Exercise-Induced Adaptation.
  • Gyan Wijekulasuriya (Masters by Research completion in 2021): Effect of thermal strain on training and performance in elite athletes.
  • Jessica Farley (PhD completion in 2021): Girls play too: Physical fitness characteristics, technical skill attributes, and sports injury in female Australian football players
  • Jamie-Lee Thompson (PhD completion in 2022): Reprogramming of the skeletal muscle epigenome following limb immobilisation.