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Bond Law presents daily expert commentary on COP26

November 1, 2021

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The Bond University Faculty of Law is hosting free daily webinars on the United Nations COP26 ​climate conference featuring expert panellists and live crosses to host city Glasgow.  

The Twilight Webinar Series will run for 30 minutes across seven days beginning on Wednesday, November 3 at 5pm AEST (Gold Coast time).   

The webinars will be hosted by Honorary Adjunct Professor Wolfgang Babeck and Sophia Giardini of Equity Generation Lawyers, and feature commentary from “Glasgow rapporteur” Martin Zavan, Communications and Campaign Officer at Greenpeace Australia Pacific.  

Prof Babeck, who is an expert in International Law, said he and Ms Giardini developed the webinar series because they believe it’s necessary for Australians to be more informed about the global plans and transitions being proposed at COP26.   

“The conversation around climate change is highly political in Australia but there is insufficient dialogue and action happening to help us move forward,” Prof Babeck said.    

“We need to better understand – and be part of - the conversations around climate transition in order to find solutions for living in a carbon-free future.”    

Prof Babeck said he and Ms Giardini wanted to provide listeners with a broad spectrum of voices that will follow the agenda of the conference.    

Each session will preview daily discussions at COP26 with an array of experts in the field including Professor Katrin Meissner, Director of the Climate Change Research Centre at UNSW, and Katrina Bullock, General Counsel for Greenpeace Australia Pacific. 

COP26 brings together parties from around the world to discuss the acceleration of action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.    

To register for the seminars, go to:

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