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Bond's Brand strong after 25 years

May 19, 2021

When Jeff Brand started teaching digital media at Bond University in 1994, mobile phones and the internet were emerging technologies.

The Professor of Communication and Creative Media, and Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching celebrated 25 years at the University at a luncheon with colleagues on Wednesday. 

Professor Brand has been at the forefront of the digital revolution. 

“My job has never been boring,” he said.

“Every semester I teach my class, I have new things to talk about because it is just incredible change and growth.

“One of the great benefits as an educator is to be a part of the progression.

“When I started at Bond, mobile phones had just been introduced, the internet was very new, dial-up was very much a real thing.

“My subject outlines were the very first to be put on this thing called the World Wide Web.”

Professor Brand came to Bond after a whirlwind romance on a Trafalgar trip through Europe with his future wife Jennifer, and migrated to Australia with the plan of staying for a couple of years. 

“I really didn’t expect to stay this long on this adventure.

“I said to my wife I’ll give it three years and then we’ll go back to the States. But we’re still here.

“It’s 25 years later and I’m feeling like I’m one of the luckiest people alive.

“There were some pretty difficult periods, one of them shortly after I accepted the full-time role, when the University was facing what looked to be demise.

“We had a small decline in enrolments and we were in some degree of financial peril.

“But to see where the University is now, I’m very fortunate to work here.

“It’s a lovely intersection between industry, the academy, and the ongoing love of learning and change in society.

“I have no intention of retiring because there will always be something interesting to do in this space.”

Professor Brand joined Elizabeth Taylor (Associate Dean Learning and Teaching), Mark Stringer (Counsellor), Jane Hobler (Training Administrator), Michael Lyvers (Associate Professor Psychology) and Bernice Lin (Chief Accountant) in being recognised for 25 years of service at Bond University.

Vice Chancellor and President Professor Tim Brailsford gave a touching tribute to the late Lisa Barker (Digital Support Officer) who was recognised with a posthumous award for 25 years of service.

Ms Barker died suddenly earlier this year and her award was presented to her husband Ashley and son Justin.