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Master of Healthcare Innovations: Single subject offerings

Bond University is offering Single Subjects from the Healthcare Innovations program as a taster for postgraduate study and a great professional development opportunity. Health professionals looking to upskill, think differently and create positive change can enrol in a subject of their choice. Our Single Subject Offerings put you in control to choose what you want to experience – without having to commit to enrol in the full Masters program.

For each subject studied at Bond University, you will have access to multiday intensive workshops. You will be able to prepare for and consolidate your learning from the intensive workshops in your own time, using a range of interactive online learning resources.  Further, you will have the opportunity to deepen your learning by submitting up to 3 different forms of assessment over the 12-week semester, some of which will be able to focus on your own workplace topic. Specifically, you will be supported to better understand and critically improve an aspect of your practice.

*The Master of Healthcare Innovations Single Subject Offerings do not meet student visa requirements for International students.

Subjects offered

As society grapples with the increasing demand and spiralling costs of healthcare and unexplained variations in practice, the delivery of healthcare based on evidence has never been more important. The growing volume of this evidence presents significant challenges for health professionals. After exploring the preconceptions of evidence based practice, challenging and evaluating the theory behind it, participants in this subject will develop the skills needed to efficiently access and examine evidence that supports and affects healthcare practice. Participants will be able to develop searchable questions from practice and policy problems, understand the type of research studies that can address these questions and recognise the strengths and limitations of the different research study designs. Skills in locating research evidence and critically evaluating the evidence will be developed and refined through supported hands on practice. Participants will be able to interpret and effectively communicate the findings of research evidence to different audiences and make evidence-informed decisions to support clinical practice and healthcare delivery.  

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To navigate, lead, and innovate within health systems, it is essential to understand how they are structured and operate. The key components of health systems including health governance and funding arrangements will be explored. You will be able to benchmark and analyse Australia’s health system in the context of international comparators, investigate the key drivers for health system improvement, and apply the components of health economics to critically evaluate and inform health decisions. You will explore the way in which the diverse population accesses the health system and evaluate the impact of the social determinants of health on health status.

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In this subject you will be guided to select and review a healthcare practice and critically appraise research evidence to identify a knowledge practice gap. You will specify an improvement aim and identify key stakeholders who are likely to be impacted. You will explore change and implementation science theories and be supported to apply these theories to your chosen context to accelerate the translation of evidence and improve health outcomes. You will develop core skills in identifying implementation strategies, summarising the project into a logic model, and developing an implementation plan to address a knowledge practice gap in the workplace.

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Throughout your career in health, there will be numerous opportunities to facilitate learning amongst your colleagues and with students. In this subject you will examine and describe the learning needs of specific health workforces, integrate theory and learning practices to design health education, apply technologies for effective communication, and understand the importance of considering healthcare users in health education. You will also develop skills that will enable you to encourage and support learning through mentoring, supervision and feedback amongst different health practitioners, empowering them to provide contemporary and quality healthcare in the future.

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May semester:

The May semester will be delivered in a multimodal format. In these extraordinary times, students will be able to access Bond's exceptional, personalised learning experience from all around the world.

Further information

Single-subject enrolment is a competitive process due to a limited number of places, which are made available by the Faculty teaching the subject. There is no guarantee of enrolment into a degree. 

Please note: the fees below do not include the Healthcare Innovations Education Grant which equates to a saving of approximately $1,000 on Single Subjects in 2022 and 2023. For more information on this Grant, click here

Subject Fees: May 2022 - $5,310 per subject

Note: FEE-HELP is not available for the single subject offering. FEE-HELP is only available if you enrol in a degree and meet the eligibility criteria.

Applications close

  • Monday, 2 May 2022 for May semester