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Executive Programs

Bond Business School

Executive MBA

In an increasingly competitive global business environment, the Executive MBA (EMBA) provides upper echelon corporate managers and business owners the opportunity to develop a complex matrix of managerial, organisational and analytical skills essential for business survival and growth.

With a clear emphasis on leadership qualities, state-of-the-art analysis tools and strategic planning, the Executive MBA tackles management training at the highest level. 

On-campus classes are scheduled in a series of one and two week in-residence sessions, spaced out over one year or extended over two years. This allows managers to utilise their allotted holiday and long service leave to earn senior level qualification with minimum interruption to their work commitments.

Learn more about the Executive MBA by viewing the program page or contacting the Bond Business School on +61 7 5595 2266.

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Faculty of Law

Advanced Legal Training

The Bond Law Faculty offers a range of executive training and continuing professional development courses for legal practitioners, as well as for other professionals where knowledge and/or understanding of the law is advantageous in their industries.

Combining the knowledge held by leading legal educator, researcher and practitioner members of the Faculty of Law, we can transform theoretical developments into high quality practical courses.

The Bond law program offers a range of courses.

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