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Law in the People's Republic of China


Law in the People's Republic of China is an elective subject offered by the Faculty of Law.

The subject will be taught primarily in the PRC, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. It is conducted in English, mainly by lecturers from Chinese Universities, including Beijing Foreign Studies University, Tsinghua University and City University of Hong Kong, plus presentations by law firms, government officials and Bond alumni based in China.  Lectures and presentations may vary upon the availability of our international colleagues.

Subject content includes an introduction to Chinese History and Culture, introduction to the Chinese Legal System (including Chinese Legal History), PRC Legal Profession, Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution. Activities in China will also include visits to Chinese law firms, universities and legal institutions, meetings with Bond alumni in China and excursions to important legal, cultural and historic sites.

The content and experience of the tour is invaluable to anyone considering legal practice but is particularly pertinent to those considering international practice.  Students will have the opportunity to liaise with established international firms and practitioners, including Bond Alumni who discuss their pathways from Bond through to their current positions.


Participants leave Australia in the first week of the April/May semester break (191 / 192), returning approximately 14 days later.  Currently we are aiming to depart Australia around 23 April.

Please note this subject will not be available in 2020.

Please note that our itinerary is not definitive as we are dependent on the changing availability of foreign institutions and our international colleagues.  As such our proposed itinerary is constantly changing dependent on external requirements and thus we must be flexible and adaptable to frequent last-minute changes.

Attached is a copy of the final itinerary from the 2018 China Tour for your reference.

  1. Complete an expression of interest and submit to Assistant Professor Craig Smith – Expression of Interest Form
  2. All interested parties will be invited to a comprehensive information session on Wednesday of week 4.
  3. Continuing interested parties will be asked to confirm by email creating a short list of genuine applicants.
  4. That short list then goes to the Law Faculty Dean for final determination depending on applicant numbers.
  5. Successful applicants will then be provided with a pack of relevant formal application documents and invited to formally sign and return same.
  6. Students will then be provided with an invoice for a $1,000.00 non-refundable deposit which may be paid via the University cashier.  You then present the deposit receipt to the Law Faculty to secure your position on the tour.
  7. Please note that you will not be formally registered in the subject and your position on the tour confirmed until the deposit has been received

This subject will be delivered intensively in the semester break between the 191 and 192 semesters.

The subject will be mainly delivered in the People's Republic of China by a scheduled series of lectures, presentations, inspections and visits as outlined in the subject description (above).

Whilst in the PRC, students will visit Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The order in which these cities will be visited, activities in each city, modes of transport etc will be determined in January 2019 following consultations with our Chinese partners and taking into account Chinese national holidays, air ticket availability and other practical considerations.

Prior to departure for the PRC, students will be required to attend three seminars during the 191 semester at which briefings, administrative tasks, and prerequisite knowledge will be covered. Students will be required to have read and viewed certain materials prior to departure. Please note the attendance requirements as below.  The structure of the three pre-departure seminars will be as follows:

Seminar One – Introduction and Outline of Course  (Wednesday of week 4)

It is anticipated that this session will occur in week 3 or 4 of the 191 semester.  Students will be provided with a pre-departure information package outlining all aspects and expectation of the course. Content to be provided and discussed will include but is not limited to:

  • An outline of the assessable pedagogical course content material. (Please note that whilst some content may be delivered in advance, no assessment will occur prior until actually on the tour)
  • A full outline of the applicable assessment structure and criteria, both on tour and upon return to Australia. (See also ‘Assessment’ below)
  • A clear outline of behavioural expectation whilst on tour.
  • Student and Staff legal obligations
  • A pre-departure preparation checklist
  • A draft Itinerary

Seminar Two – Administrative Session  (Wednesday of week 6)

This seminar is purely to ensure all administrative requirements have been completed, e.g. Visa Applications etc.

Seminar Three - Pedagogical Course Content Material  (Date to be advised)

This seminar will provide the essential learning materials associated with the course.  Some content will be delivered in the normal lecture format, however there will also be supplementary readings for student to undertake themselves.

Attendance at the preliminary sessions conducted at Bond (approximately 8 hours) is compulsory and students who fail to attend will be removed from the course and forfeit their deposit. The scheduling of these sessions will be made when the subject composition is determined in order to ensure that all students can attend. It is anticipated that these sessions will be conducted in 2 to 3 hour blocks during the Wednesday class free period or on weekday evenings

Bamber Gascoigne, A Brief History of the Dynasties of China (Robinson, 2003) - Available on order from the University Bookshop. Some copies are available for loan through the Bond University Library or may be purchased through Amazon.

20% Professional Participation – A rubric will be provided that sets out our expectations re behaviour including dress, communication with others, punctuality, respect for other cultures, following the reasonable directions of instructors, not looking at phones during formal events.  It includes automatic fail categories – public drunkenness, showing up to tour activities hungover etc.

30% on tour assessment – Details will be fully provided during Seminar One – Introduction and Outline of Course.

50% Reflective Journal – Due after week 7

    In addition to the normal subject fee, students are also required to pay the sum of $5,500 to cover the costs of international and internal Chinese airfares and transportation costs, visa fees, medical and travel insurance, accommodation (twin share), most meals, admission fees, translators, guides, airport transfers etc. A non-refundable deposit of $1,500 will be payable in Week 4 of 191, with the balance due in Week 6.

    Generous scholarships are available to participants. Based on previous enrolment figures all applicants should be eligible for one of these scholarships, however if the course is oversubscribed, scholarships will be determined on a competitive basis. Columbo scholarships are only available to Undergraduate students, however Law Faculty scholarships are generally available to those that do not qualify under the Columbo scheme.

    Further information

    For any further information, please refer to the subject outline LAWS13-526 or contact:

    Assistant Prof Craig Smith
    [email protected]
    Faculty of Law, Level 2, Rm 68

    If you are interested in taking this course please download the Expression of Interest Form and submit to [email protected].

    The information published in this document is intended as a guide and the University reserves the right to change its program offerings and subjects without notice. This document features indicative information from previous years. The detail will be updated as arrangements are confirmed for the 2019 study tour.