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Exchange at the University of Texas at Austin, USA

By Harrison Bishop, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws student.

The past couple of months have been the most exciting and adventurous few months I could have asked for!

I chose the University of Texas because I knew they had a great law school and are one of the biggest universities in the States. I am enrolled in the law school at UTA and the classes I am taking include Mediation, Negotiation, Introduction to US Law, Sports Law and Legal Writing for Business Clients. Overall, the workload hasn’t been too bad. In comparison to Bond, I have found the work load is a lot less.

The people of Texas have definitely been the best part of exchange. I have really experienced southern hospitality, as they invite you to dinners, parties or any events. Additionally, the tailgating before the football games is incomparable to anything I have ever done before. The football games attract over 100,000 people each game with an endless supply of beef brisket at the tailgate beforehand.

Since being in Texas I have definitely started to use the Texas slang. Using y’all is now set in my vocabulary! The city of Austin is one I will never forget. You will meet some of the most generous people and eat some of the greasiest and tastiest food.

The first few weeks of the semester are definitely the most challenging part as you attempt to find a good group of friends and get comfortable at your new accommodation. However, I can guarantee you that once you find those friends you will fall in love with Austin.

The accommodation is great. I live with a Russian, two people from Chile and two guys from Portugal. It has been hilarious.

If I had three tips for future Bondies going on exchange, it would be

  1. Don’t be shy, say hi to everybody. You would be surprised at how many people are interested in speaking with you if you are from Australia.
  2. Sign up for sports, groups, spirits groups or anything you can get your hands on. You will meet a huge variety of people.
  3. Buy a pair of boots and do a trip to Nashville and New Orleans.

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