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Like schools, every university is different. There's public, private, big, small, and everything in between, and it certainly isn’t one-size-fits-all in terms of which university is best suited for your child. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to get a feel for a university better – and they have nothing to do with reading the brochure.  

Here are six ways your child can try a university on for size, all while they’re still at high school.  

Attend Open Days  

Every year, universities throw open their doors with an open invitation for curious students and families to take a look around. When Open Day season comes around, register for the universities close to you, or a little further afar, and get a feel for what they offer and what they stand for. It’s never too early to start – there's no age limit on Open Days, and there are typically an array of exciting and interactive experiences to check out while you’re there.  

Speak to a student  

Hearing about the university experience firsthand is always going to give your child a good picture of what university life is like. Many universities offer the opportunity for your child to speak to a current student, whether it be via email, live chat or on the phone.  

Take a tour  

Many universities also offer campus tours, often hosted by a current student or knowledgeable staff member. If you live close by, or are travelling in the area, book a guided tour so you can see the campus in-person, and get all your questions answered along the way.  

Register for an Experience Day  

Experience Days are, essentially, a chance for your child to experience a career or study area for a day. At Bond, we call them Experience Days, but other universities may also offer similar experiences. Your child can take a career in health for a test drive, or learn the opportunities a degree in psychology or project management can offer. Every day is different, depending on the topic, but you can be sure it’ll be interactive and insightful.  

Be a student for a semester  

If you have a high achiever on your hands, your child may be able to apply to complete a university subject while they’re still at high school. An example is Bond’s Student for a Semester program. They will study in real classes, with real students, completing real assessments and exams. And if they choose to pursue the degree after high school, they may receive credit for that subject.  

Attend a conference or competition  

From a mock United Nations conference to a Film and Television competition, universities may host conferences, leadership programs, or competitions your child can participate in. They’ll benefit from the university’s facilities, coaching and expertise, all the while getting a taste of uni life.  

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