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Academic Senate

Terms of reference

Academic Senate is the peak advisory body to the Vice Chancellor on academic matters and the highest forum for academic discussion and debate within Bond University. Academic Senate is constituted by Council, in accordance with Clause 9.9 (b) and (c) of the Constitution of Bond University Ltd and is an advisory body to the Vice Chancellor on the following matters:

  • the formulation and development of the academic policies of Bond University and the oversight and coordination of the academic activities of the various faculties;
  • regulatory provisions for the admission and exclusion of students, for degrees, diplomas and all courses of study, lectures, laboratories, seminars, studios, tutorials, examinations and other forms of assessment;
  • the content and standard of courses of instruction and their assessment, and the requirements for admission to degrees and the award of diplomas;
  • the conditions for scholarships, bursaries, cadetships and prizes accepted by the University;
  • matters referred by Faculties of the University, either individually or severally.


The composition of the Academic Senate is as follows:

Ex Officio

  • Vice Chancellor
  • Provost
  • University Registrar
  • Deans of each Faculty
  • Director, Office of Learning & Teaching
  • Assistant Provost


  • Deputy or Associate Dean from each Faculty
  • Two representatives of the Bond University Student Association


  • Chair
  • Deputy Chair
  • One academic staff member from each Faculty - Elected by the academic staff of each Faculty who hold a continuing position or a contract appointment for at least two years, or if there is no eligible nomination, appointed by the Dean.  

Standing Committees

Academic Senate establishes committees to assist in fulfilling its responsibilities and governance obligations. The following Senate Standing Committees consist of academic and professional staff as well as student representatives. These committees consider the detailed business of Academic Senate and make recommendations:

  • Admissions Standards Committee
  • Bond University College Board of Studies
  • Bond University Research Committee
  • Gender Equality Committee
  • Indigenous Consultative Committee
  • Program & Subject Review Committee
  • Regulations Review Committee
  • Transformation CoLab Curriculum Committee
  • University Learning & Teaching Committee

Chair of Academic Senate