Open scholarship

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Open scholarship – how making things open can benefit both researchers and the wider community

Come along to this session to hear from fellow researchers and librarians on the benefits of open scholarship, how to comply with university and funder policies, and the latest developments in this growing movement.

Open scholarship is a movement to make the outputs and methods of scholarly research freely available to everyone. One aspect is getting journal articles out from behind paywalls. Another is the movement towards transparency of the methods and data that underly published research.

Open scholarship means greater transparency, reproducibility, and equity in research – and better research.

Guest speakers

  • Simone Kelly, Bond Business School
  • Rob Orr, HSM Tactical Research Unit


Monday, 14 October 2019
2pm - 3pm


Building 6, Level 4, Room 11 (Case Study 1)
14 University Drive
Bond University 4226
[Campus Map]


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