Business Links: The science of business and ethics

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Bond Business School, in association with CPA Australia, invites you to the next Bond Business Links:

The Science of Business and Ethics

The two sessions will run twice during the evening.

5.30pm-6pm Registration & Poster Display
6pm-7pm Research Presentations
7pm-8pm Networking

Presentation 1 (30 min) concurrent back-to-back sessions

The Science of Business: Balancing The How with The Why
Presenter: Professor Justin Craig

In this presentation, it will be shown how business school researchers prepare leaders and managers to use proven theories and frameworks to navigate today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business world. Working under the Lewinian premise that there is nothing as practical as good theory, Justin will share how decision-makers can use theories as lenses to make sense of the mess that is the reality of contemporary business situations.

Presentation 2 (30 min) concurrent back-to-back sessions

The Ethics of Consumption 
Presenter: Dr Rafi Chowdhury

Consumption has ethical implications. Some consumers engage in unethical and questionable practices. Digital piracy, shoplifting, insurance fraud, buying counterfeits – unethical consumption practices have significant financial costs for businesses. For example, more than US$50 billion worth of software is pirated annually (BSA, Software Alliance 2015). The costs of such moral transgressions are, in many instances, passed on to other consumers. On the contrary, many consumers engage in ethical and sustainable activities. For example, global sales of Fairtrade products are estimated at over US$9 billion (Fairtrade America 2018). Such moral behaviours benefit the community and the environment. These examples highlight both moral and practical consequences of consumer ethics.

What factors influence consumer ethics? How can we encourage ethical consumption and reduce unethical consumption? Associate Professor Rafi Chowdhury has developed a program of research in consumer ethics. This talk highlights recent research in the burgeoning field of ethical (and unethical) consumption. Several social and psychological factors that affect consumer ethics are highlighted, some of which have been identified in Dr. Chowdhury’s research. The findings of this stream of research have implications for diverse stakeholders. Understanding the forces that drive ethical consumption can empower consumers to make ethical choices, can help businesses save money and can support sustainability initiatives that protect the environment.


Tuesday, 15 October 2019
6pm - 8pm


Bond Business School
Building 2, Level 3
14 University Drive
Robina QLD 4226


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