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Faculty Librarians have extra availability for appointments with students to help you prepare for your assignment Core 1 Critical Thinking & Communication essay.

Monday 14th November - Friday 2nd December

Book a 45-minute appointment with a Librarian. As a bonus, this consultation can count towards your Beyond Bond credit.

Personal appointments are available on campus and online via MS Teams.

A faculty librarian can help you navigate to academic, evidence-based articles, a valuable skill in finding and evaluating information to support your essay argument points. 

  • navigate¬†to and find¬†quality information using Bond Library and selected academic databases
  • find academic research to provide evidence for your arguments
  • use¬†advanced search techniques in academic databases
  • evaluate information using the Currency, Relevancy, Authority, Purpose (CRAP) methods
  • understand why acknowledging information (citing, referencing) to prevent plagiarism is so important
  • learn how to use dynamic open-access media for presentations

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