Faculty of Law Twilight Seminar Series - ‘Blockchain: Principles, Processes, Practices’

Faculty of Law Associate Professor Kate Galloway and Assistant Professor Louise Parsons

‘Blockchain: Principles, Processes, Practices’


This presentation will provide an introductory, non-technical explanation of blockchain technologies and their diverse applications. The presenters will canvass the principles behind distributed ledger technologies, how their processes work, and how they are used in practice to manage data flows. The presentation includes case studies of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and explanations of other key applications such as smart contracts and asset registers.

Through clarifying the operation of blockchain technologies, together with practical examples, this presentation aims to engage legal practitioners, legal academics, and law students in considering the potential of blockchain technologies and how they will apply in legal practice.


Thursday, 22 March 2018

5:30pm - 6pm light refreshments
6pm - 7pm Seminar


Case Study 1, Faculty of Law (4_3_37)
University Drive
Bond University

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About the Speakers

Dr Kate Galloway is Associate Professor in the Bond Faculty of Law and Co-Director of the Centre of Professional Legal Education. Kate’s research interests include the intersection of law and technology. Recently, her work has focused on the role of digital technologies in legal practice, conceptualising blockchain and land titles, and human rights in the face of big data.

Louise Parsons is an Assistant Professor in the Bond Faculty of Law and Director of Mooting.  Louise teaches the law of contracts, and banking and finance law. She is interested in how new technologies (such as smartcontracts and cryptocurrencies) impact these two areas of law, including how consumers may be protected.