Faculty of Law Twilight Seminar - 'Data Governance in the Digital Economy'

Data Governance in the Digital Economy: European developments on data ownership, data protection and data access


The increasing role of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the deployment of new digital services raises new issues for the governance of data. The presentation will review the European developments concerning data ownership, data protection and data access. The objective of the presentation is not to offer a detailed analysis of the law, but to introduce the EU framework and ongoing discussions so as to highlight the digital policy issues that all countries face.

About the Speaker

Alain Strowel is Professor at the University Saint-Louis, Brussels and the University of Louvain where he teaches courses in intellectual property and media law. Alain is avocat at the Brussels bar since 1988. He has published extensively on intellectual property and Internet law.


Friday, 24 November, 2017


5.00pm - 6.00pm drinks and nibbles provided


Law Faculty, Case Study 1 (4_3_37)
Bond University
Parking: PG1 or 2