Program structure and sequence plans for the Faculty of Law

The Program Structure and Sequencing (PSS) that you should follow is based on your commencing semester of that program; for example, if you started a Juris Doctor in January 2017 Semester (171) then please click on 171.

If only the year is listed, then the PSS is the same for all semesters of commencement in that particular year; for example, if you commenced a Bachelor of Laws in January 2016 Semester (161), then please click on 2016.

        2015       2016        20172018     2019
Bachelor of Laws       2015       20161711721732018       2019
Bachelor of Business Law       2015       20161711721732018       2019
Bachelor of Jurisprudence       2015       20161711721732018       2019

Combined Programs (Please also use the corresponding single program PSS when planning your combined programs) LAW Single programs above. 
Use this link for BBS single programs, this link for FSD single programs and this link for HSM single programs.

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Actuarial Science         N/A       20161711721732018       2019
Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Arts       2015       20161711721732018      2019
Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Biomedical Science       2015       2016171172N/A2018      2019
Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Business       2015       20161711721732018      2019
Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Commerce       2015       20161711721732018      2019
Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Communication (Business)       2015       20161711721732018      2019
Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Communication       2015       20161711721732018      2019
Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of International Relations       2015       20161711721732018      2019
Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Journalism       2015       20161711721732018      2019
Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Psychological Science151152153       20161711721732018      2019
Juris Doctor151152153       20161711721732018      2019
Master of Laws        2015161162163        20172018      2019
Master of Legal Administration        2015       20161711721732018      2019
Graduate Certificate of Legal Education                                  N/A2018      2019
Graduate Certificate of Family Dispute Resolution                                  N/A2018      2019
Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice                                   2015-2018191192193
Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Online)                                   2015-2018191192193

Information on web pages is accurate at the time of posting and may be subject to change from semester to semester to reflect changes in program structure. It is therefore important to check current information at the time of enrolment.

Honours / Distinction

Please view information and eligibility requirements for Bachelor of Laws with Honours and Juris Doctor with Honours or Distinction.

General Electives (LA-40005 Bachelor of Laws)

Please view a list of subjects to assist LA-40005 Bachelor of Laws students when choosing early degree General Electives.

Law Electives

Please click on the relevant link below for a list of all Law Elective offerings:

Continuing students:  a summary of Law Electives being offered next semester will be uploaded below by the end of Week 9 of the preceding semester.

Law Specialisations

Students completing a Bachelor of Laws, Juris Doctor, Master of Laws or Master of Legal Administration may choose to complete an optional Law Specialisation. Please click on the relevant link below for further information: