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Taking a break from study

There are times when continuing your studies is not possible or the best option.  This may be due to competing priorities, unexpected circumstances or financial reasons.  You may want to take a break from study for a semester/s with the intention of returning to the same program in the future.  In this case you may be eligible to take a leave of absence from your program.

Alternatively, you may not intend to return to your studies and would like to withdraw from the program completely.  For more information about this process and the implications, please see the Withdrawal from Program page.

What is a Leave of Absence?

A leave of absence (LOA) is permission to suspend a program once the student is part way through by not enrolling in a semester.  It is an approved break in studies.  You can request a leave of absence before the census date each semester.

First semester of study?

If it is your first semester in a new program you are requesting to defer the commencement of your program rather than taking a leave of absence.  In this case, you should send an email to the Admissions team to request a new offer for the semester in which you would like to commence. 

Bond students can request to take a leave of absence from their program for up to three semesters (please refer to Bond University’s Handbook Part 2 - Academic Regulations (Clause 21)).  You can request an LOA for the current semester up until the Census Date.  You will be automatically withdrawn from any subjects in which you are still enrolled.  Please check for any potential implications.

Apply for and leave of absence here.

If you are taking a leave of absence and want to extend it for another semester/s, you should complete a new application.  However, if you have already taken three semesters of leave in your current program or this extension will take you over the three semesters, you will need to attach a personal statement to your application for consideration by the faculty.  Your personal statement should outline the reasons you wish to extend your leave and you must attach any documentation that supports your request.

Scholarship recipients must attach a personal statement and relevant documentation to their leave of absence application.  Scholarship holders must comply with the provisions outlined in the Academic Regulations Division 10 Scholarships (5)

In the semester before you are due to return from your leave of absence, you should enrol before classes commence. You can enrol in your subjects for the next semester from Monday week 10 of the previous semester.

If you want to request additional semester of leave of absence, you will need to submit an additional application. 

If you do not return from your leave of absence at the approved time, you will need to re-apply to study at Bond University and you may not receive credit for all subjects previously completed.

Some programs do not allow students to take leave without faculty approval.  In these cases, you will be sent an email to confirm that your application has been closed and directing you to consult your faculty directly. 

Student visa holders are not permitted to remain in Australia during periods of leave of absence unless compelling and compassionate circumstances apply. 

If you believe you have compelling and compassionate circumstances, you must provide medical supporting documentation with your leave of absence application. Permission to stay in Australia whilst on a period of leave of absence ultimately rests with the Department of Home Affairs and is generally only granted due to medical circumstances that prevent you from leaving Australia.  

A period of leave of absence may affect the status of your student visa.