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The family

Your partner and/or your children can come with you to Australia while you study at Bond, but you will need to consider the following:


Most student visas allow you to bring your family members to Australia as your dependants if you are:

  • Assessment level one or two
  • Assessment level three or four and your course is longer than 12 months or you have been in Australia for 12 months or more

Visit the Department of Home Affairs website to learn more about your family’s eligibility.

Employment opportunities

Your partner will need to obtain permission to work in Australia and will have to comply with the restrictions outlined in their visa.

Your partner can apply for a Work Visa after they have received a Dependent Student Visa. The amount of time your partner can work will depend on the course you are studying:

  • Partners of undergraduate international students: 20 hours per week
  • Partners of postgraduate international students: full-time employment

Your partner can start looking for work before moving to Australia by searching these employment websites:

Learning English

Your partner can enrol in Bond University College where they will learn English in a multicultural classroom on-campus.

Enrolling children at school

Children aged between 5 and 18 years old, and living in Australia for more than three months, will need to be enrolled in an Australian School.

Persons who are intending to travel to Queensland with school-aged dependants are advised to contact Education Queensland International (EQI) to check on the application process, visa information and whether tuition fees will be required. 

The Department of Education and Training trading as EQI is a registered education provider on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Provider number is 00608A. EQI provides primary and secondary school courses to international students through selected Queensland Government Schools.

Further information can be found at: Education Queensland International.