Ambition Fund FAQs

Frequently asked questions

All universities run fundraising initiatives to supplement their income. Money gained from fundraising is put toward new building projects, student resources, additional scholarships and research support.

The Ambition Fund is a yearly fundraising campaign. Such campaigns run for a specific time and have a specific fundraising goal in mind for a specific purpose. Whilst it is a common fundraising technique for many universities, Bond launched its inaugural Ambition Fund initiative in 2010.

Bond University is a not-for-profit university, which means we receive very limited funding from the government to support our teaching, student resources and building development. We rely on philanthropy to continue to provide our students with the best possible learning experience. For example, our Ambition Fund enables us to provide critical scholarships, research, resources, and support for students to make the most of their time at Bond by taking up as many opportunities as possible.

Yes, it will! Your participation helps make outstanding programs and services available to current students. Higher participation rates enhance the University’s reputation and the value of the degrees it confers. Your gifts, along with the hundreds of others, make an important difference in the daily life of Bond University students.

In 2016, we raised over $350,000 with 40% coming from alumni and 60% from the wider Bond community. Their generous contributions allow the University to provide the diverse opportunities that define Bond as a world-class institution.

Bond’s Ambition Fund and other fundraising activities provide research grants, resources, scholarships (like the Alumni Scholarship), student support (via the Student Opportunity Fund) and new buildings (like the Sports Centre, The Transformer and Balnaves Multimedia Learning Centre). All of these were made possible through philanthropy, above and beyond tuition.

You can allocate how your donation is to be distributed against the 2017 Ambition Fund Campaign Priorities.

A multi-year pledge can help you keep track of your giving, cut down on annual solicitations, and ensure that you continue to support the Ambition Fund each and every financial year.

In celebration of our most generous supporters, Bond University has established the Chancellor’s Circle, which proudly and publicly acknowledges those individuals who donate $5,000 or more in a calendar year towards supporting the unique learning experiences and outcomes available at Bond.

Bond University accepts Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, which you can use to make your gift via our secure online giving form or over the phone at +61 (7) 5595 3387. To make your annual fund gift with a cheque, please complete our Donation Form and include with your cheque.

Yes, if you are in Australia. All gifts over $2 are tax deductible.